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S. Tidjab in his Tutur Tinular, a legendary radio play in Indonesia, places Mei Xin (spelling Pinyin) or Mei Hsin (spelling Wade-Giles) as one of the main female characters in the script.The story in Tutur Tinular, has a historical background from the collapse of the Singhasari Kingdom to the establishment of the Majapahit Kingdom in the 12th to 13th centuries AD.

In the radio play version, Mei Xin/Meihsin is depicted as a Mongolian female warrior who is very beautiful, soft-hearted and noble. This woman is very patient and loyal, despite the suffering of a very long life since she was born.

Meanwhile, in the television version, Tutur Tinular produced in 1997, it was stated that Mei Xin was not a Mongolian woman, but a Chinese woman from the Han tribe who lived under the rule of the Mongols or the Yuan Dynasty.


Mei Xin is an orphan who was found by a Taoist elder surnamed Ma and named Boyi. Mei Xin's own origins are unclear. Some speculations suggest that Mei Xin was the daughter of a noble from the Song Kingdom who fled after the Kingdom collapsed by Kublai Khan's attack.

This speculation is strong because Mei Xin does not have a surname, which is unusual in Chinese tradition. It is suspected that Mei Xin's surname was Song and her surname was deliberately removed by Ma Boyi to protect Mei Xin's true identity from the Yuan Kingdom.

Since childhood, Mei Xin had been taught martial arts by Ma Boyi along with her two elder brothers, Luo Shishan and Gao Xing. Mei Xin is very close to her two elder brothers and at a young age Mei Xin was married to Luo Shishan. Meanwhile, Gao Xung chose to serve the Yuan Dynasty.

History records, Gao Xing was one of the warlords of the Yuan Dynasty who in 1293 was sent by Emperor Khubilai Khan to punish the ruler of Tumapan / Tumapel / Singasari, namely Prabu Kertanegara.

Journey of life

Mpu Ranubhaya, the grandson of a disciple of Mpu Gandring, is a magic weapon maker who is Guru Kanuragan from Arya Kamandanu who was kidnapped and taken to sea and became a prisoner of Emperor Kublai Khan, ruler of the Yuan Dynasty in Mongolia, forced to make magic weapons as a condition of his freedom. So Mpu Ranubhaya made an heirloom sword named the Dragon Puspa Sword. In order to save the sword from people who are evil in nature, the Dragon Dragon Sword is entrusted to the swordsmen Luo ShiShan and Mei Xin. Meanwhile, Mpu Ranubhaya and Ma Boyi died trying to defend the sword.

This pair of warriors eventually became fugitives and became fugitives until they were stranded in Java. Arriving in the Land of Java, this sword became a bone of contention by many evil warriors. In a fight Luo ShiShan was seriously injured by being hit by Mpu Tong Bajil's Aji Segara Geni. Luckily Luo ShiShan and Mei Xin were helped by Arya Kamandanu and escaped. However, due to the severity of internal injuries, Luo ShiShan eventually died. Before he died, Luo ShiShan entrusted Mei Xin to Arya Kamandanu.

Mei Xin, who is deeply saddened by the loss of her beloved husband, now lives in the void, she always lives in the shadow of her late husband, Lou Shi San. His soul is so unstable, physically weak, desperate and almost intends to end his life. Fortunately, Arya Kamandanu was a reliable knight. Patiently, kamandanu kept on trying to raise Mei Xin's spirit. Every opportunity kamandanu always shares stories about how to live, be grateful and live the true meaning of life as a gift given by the Almighty. Little by little Mei Xin's spirit resurfaced. It was because of Kamandanu that Mei Xin had hope again. Finally, in their togetherness, over time the seeds of love began to blossom in their hearts. Kamandanu also succeeded in persuading Mei Xin to participate in returning to her parents' house in Kurawan village.

Louise Anastasya plays Mei Xin in the 2015 soap opera Dragon Sword Puspa on SCTV
Meanwhile, the Kediri soldiers who wanted the powerful sword Naga Puspa under the leadership of Mpu Tong Bajil still continued to hunt Mei Xin. Not wanting to trouble Kamandanu, Mei Xin quietly left. Then Mei Xin met Arya Dwipangga, who at that time was already married to Nari Ratih. Mei Xin knows that Arya Dwipangga loves her. But he didn't respond. Arya Dwipangga's poems are only considered passing wind. However, Arya Dwipangga's sly way sully Mei Xin.

Fortunately, Arya Kamandanu was willing to take responsibility. With a broken heart Kamandanu married Mei Xin. Mei Xin then handed the Nagapuspa Sword to Arya Kamandanu.

When Empu Hanggareksa's house was raided by Kediri soldiers, Mei Xin managed to escape. Again being chased by Kediri soldiers. However, Mei Xin is saved by Nini Raga Runting and Kaki Tamparoang, a pair of capable old warriors. Kaki Tamparoang and Nini Ragarunting managed to reunite Mei Xin who was pregnant with Arya Kamandanu. For some time Mei Xin and Kamandanu were able to live together on the slopes of Mount Arjuna with their nephew, Panji Ketawang, son of Arya Dwipangga and the late Nari Ratih. Moments later, Mei Xin gave birth to a baby girl named Ayu Wandira.

Kamandanu was interested in becoming a Majapahit warrior. Shortly after Kamandanu left, Dewi Sambi and her men came to the slopes of Mount Arjuno and attacked Mei Xin's residence. Mei Xin again fought against Goddess Sambi. Mei Xin was seriously injured and fell into a ravine after being hit by Dewi Sambi's Aji Tapak Wisa. Fortunately, Ayu Wandira and Panji Ketawang were saved by Nini Raga Runting and Kaki Tamparoang. Later Ayu Wandira became a student of Nini Raga Runting and inherited the Emban Carry Momongan stance.

Mei Xin was found by the Physician Wang Yin and his disciple Ra Tanca, who at that time were looking for leaves for medicine. Mei Xin was then taken to Physician Wang's residence. Thanks to Physician Wang's medical knowledge, Mei Xin's wounds can be healed, even though it is almost impossible for anyone to escape death after being hit by Aji Tapak Wisa. Gradually, Mei Xin became interested in medicine and was finally appointed as a disciple by the Physician Wang Yin. In addition to medicine, Mei Xin also inherited a science called Kabegjan science, which is a science that can protect oneself from harm as long as the owner never lies. Eventually Mei Xin became a famous healer and changed her name to Nyai Paricara.

Meanwhile, Arya Kamandanu, thinking that Mei Xin was dead, finally married Sakawuni.

When the King Kertarajasa Jayawardhana was seriously ill, Mei Xin alias Nyai Paricara came to Majapahit to treat the King. On the way to Majapahit, Mei Xin met Dewi Sambi who had once loved herthe accident with Aji Tapak Wisa. These two mortal enemies fought fiercely until finally Dewi Sambi was killed by her own knowledge.

When Nyai Paricara arrived at the palace, to treat the King, Sakawuni was about to give birth, so Nyai Paricara also helped in the delivery of Sakawuni in addition to treating the King. It's a shame both of them couldn't be helped. Mei Xin meets again with Kamandanu, but he doesn't reveal his true identity.

End of Life

In the radio play, Mahkota Mayangkara, it is said that Mei Xin died from the Mageleh disease after treating the residents of Binor Village.

Source : Wikipedia

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