The Top 10 Most Popular Female Heroes in Mobile Legends: A Guide to their Strengths and Abilities

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has gained immense popularity as a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, captivating millions of players worldwide. One of the game's major highlights is its diverse roster of heroes, including a range of powerful and iconic female characters. In this article, we will delve into the world of Mobile Legends and explore the top 10 most popular female heroes, their unique abilities, and the strategies that make them formidable choices in the battlefield.

I. Angela - The Love Protector:

Angela, with her angelic appearance and exceptional support skills, has secured her place as one of the most beloved female heroes in Mobile Legends. Her ability to heal and provide shields to her allies makes her an invaluable asset in team fights. Additionally, her ultimate skill, "Heartguard," allows her to temporarily possess an ally, providing them with increased power and protection.

II. Lunox - The Twilight Goddess:

Lunox is a mage hero with a dual personality, representing both light and darkness. Her abilities revolve around manipulating these opposing forces to deal massive damage to her enemies. With her unique skill set, she can swiftly change forms and control the battlefield, making her a formidable presence in any match.

III. Harith - The Time Weaver:

Harith is a mage hero who can manipulate time itself. Armed with his powerful abilities, he can control the flow of battle, allowing his team to dominate. His skill set includes teleportation, crowd control, and massive area-of-effect damage. Harith's versatility and high damage output have made him a popular choice among players.

IV. Kagura - The Onmyouji Master:

Kagura, an onmyouji master, is a hero who wields both a parasol and a spirit companion. Her unique playstyle involves using her umbrella to control the battlefield and deal devastating damage to her opponents. Her mobility and ability to harass enemies from a safe distance make her a favorite pick for those who enjoy strategic gameplay.

V. Esmeralda - The Frostmoon Princess:

Esmeralda is a mage/fighter hybrid hero known for her ice-based abilities. She possesses exceptional durability due to her passive skill, which converts shield points into her own health. Esmeralda's crowd control skills, burst damage, and ability to sustain herself in fights make her a force to be reckoned with.

VI. Chang'e - The Moon Palace Immortal:

Chang'e, a mage hero inspired by Chinese folklore, wields the power of the moon. She specializes in dealing magical damage from a safe distance, making her a great pick for players who prefer a ranged playstyle. Her ultimate ability, "Meteor Shower," can devastate entire teams if used strategically.

VII. Pharsa - The Wings of Vengeance:

Pharsa is a mage hero who harnesses the power of birds to rain destruction upon her enemies. With her incredible range and area-of-effect damage, she can dominate team fights from afar. Her ultimate ability, "Feathered Air Strike," allows her to transform into a bird and launch powerful attacks, making her a formidable threat.

VIII. Wanwan - The Agile Hunter:

Wanwan is a marksman hero who is known for her exceptional agility and precision. With her unique weapon, the Crossbow, she can swiftly maneuver around the battlefield and deal devastating damage to her enemies. Wanwan's abilities allow her to target multiple enemies simultaneously, making her a formidable threat in team fights. Her ultimate skill, "Needles in Flowers," unleashes a barrage of arrows that pierce through enemies, dealing massive damage and ensuring no target escapes her sight.

Wanwan's playstyle requires quick reflexes and precise positioning, as she excels at kiting and picking off enemies from a safe distance. Her mobility and burst damage make her a favorite among marksman players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward gameplay.

With the addition of Wanwan, the roster of popular female heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang becomes even more diverse and exciting. Whether you prefer to support your team, unleash devastating magic, assassinate key targets, or rain arrows upon your enemies, Wanwan offers a unique and thrilling playstyle that adds depth to the game.

IX. Selena - The Abyssal Witch:

Selena is an assassin/mage hybrid hero who excels at quickly eliminating her targets. She has the ability to transform between two forms: a ranged mage form and a close-range assassin form. Selena's versatility, burst damage, and crowd control skills make her a lethal threat on the battlefield. Her ultimate skill, "Abyssal Trap," allows her to set up traps that immobilize and damage enemies, giving her team a significant advantage.

X. Karina - The Shadow Blade:

Karina, known as the Shadow Blade, is an assassin hero who excels at swiftly eliminating key targets. Her playstyle revolves around stealth and high burst damage. Karina's abilities allow her to teleport to her target, deal massive damage, and reset her cooldowns upon securing a kill. Her skill set makes her a formidable assassin in the hands of a skilled player.


The world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offers a wide array of female heroes, each with their unique strengths and abilities. Angela, Lunox, Harith, Kagura, Esmeralda, Chang'e, Pharsa, Cecilion, Selena, and Karina stand out as the top 10 most popular female heroes in the game. Their diverse playstyles, ranging from supportive and healing roles to mage and assassin roles, offer players a plethora of strategic options.

Whether you prefer to provide support for your team, control the battlefield with devastating magic, or swiftly eliminate enemies with precision, there is a female hero in Mobile Legends to suit your playstyle. Mastering their abilities and understanding their synergies with teammates is key to achieving victory in intense battles.

So, assemble your team, choose your favorite female hero, and embark on thrilling adventures in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The battlefield awaits your strategic prowess and skillful execution as you unleash the power of these popular female heroes upon your enemies. Good luck and may your victories be legendary!

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