Kagura Hero Mobile Legend, Origins and Tips for Using It

Kagura is a popular and widely played hero in Mobile Legends. In addition to his very strong skills, this hero's design is also very interesting.

Kagura Mobile Legends is a damage reap type hero mage. This hero can attack enemies from a considerable distance.

In a way, Kagura is the most beautiful mage hero in Mobile Legends. What's more, he has a magic umbrella that has a long range when attacking. With her skills, Kagura is able to kill enemies quickly. Then, what are the tips for using the Kagura Mobile Legend skin?

The Origin of Kagura Mobile Legends

Kagura is a descendant of the oldest, greatest, and strongest family in mastering Onmyouji who masters the art of balancing Yin and Yang.

Kagura became one of the greatest potentials of his family that controlled Onmyouji. Because of this potential, Kagura is also given a powerful umbrella, Seimei. The umbrella was an artistic heirloom of great power and was passed down from generation to generation of Onmyouji.

Legend has it, that the umbrella is controlled by Seimei's great power. This umbrella is also accompanied by the power of hundreds of spirits that live in it.

This umbrella has its own life and wisdom, so this magic umbrella can only be controlled by its rightful owner.

One day Kagura learns that Hayabusa is on a dangerous mission in the Land of Dawn. Driven by her love for Hayabusa, Kagura cannot remain silent in seeing this dangerous mission.

Finally, he decided to take Seimei with him and follow Hayabusa secretly. Then, hoping he can help Hayabusa in completing his mission.

Tips for Using Kagura Mobile Legends Skin :

1. Use Combo Skills

The first tip for using the Kagura Mobile Legends hero is using combo skills. First, use the Seimei Umbrella Open skill to throw an umbrella at your opponent.

Then, use Yin Yang Overturn. After that, use Seimei Umbrella Open again. After that, the Rasho Umbrella Flee skill is used again and returns to the first skill. This skill combo can maximize Kagura Mobile Legends' ability to face opponents.

2. Use the Right Battle Spell

Use the proper Battle Spell when facing enemies in the game. Use Flameshot to avoid attacks from opponents. Its main function is to damage and repel the enemy.

The Battle Spell can also deal damage from a long distance. The Battle Spell Execute is also very suitable for use in Kagura, this Battle Spell can deal true damage to the enemy you are targeting.

To maximize Battle Spell Execute, you must be near the enemy. When the enemy's HP is dying and Kagura's cooldown skill is still not filled, you can use the Battle Spell Execute to kill the enemy.

3. Positioning

When war, position Kagura in the right place. Position Kagura behind the Tank hero and next to the Core hero. With the right positioning, you can maximize Kagura's abilities well during war.

That's an explanation of Kagura Mobile Legend along with its origins and tips for using it.

Video : Mobile Legends: Bang bang! Kagura New Skin |Sakura Miko|

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