Boa Hancock - One Piece - The Beautiful and Deadly Pirate Empress

Boa Hancock is the most recognizable female character in One Piece. Her figure is synonymous with the title 'Pirate Empress' who has a beautiful and charming face.

Boa Hancock (One Piece - Anime Series) was the captain of the Kuja Pirates and was the only female warlord at sea before the organization was disbanded.
This woman, nicknamed the 'Snake Princess' from Amazon Lily, rules the Kuja tribe with two other members of the Gorgon Sisters, namely Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold.

According to the One Piece Wiki page, Boa Hancock was first mentioned by the Risky Brothers in the ending of the Thriller Bark Arc when comparing her legendary beauty to a mermaid.

Interesting Facts About Boa Hancock:

1. Hating the World Government

The World Government or the World Government is a political organization that regulates and governs every country in the One Piece series. The organization that holds all of the country's power is told as the antagonist that Luffy and the pirates face.

Because of this cruelty, Boa Hancock really hates the World Government. Explained in the Anime Internet page, another reason is because the World Government had a hand in making his childhood miserable by making him and his two siblings as slaves.

2. Become a Warlord

Behind her hatred of the World Government, Boa Hancock becomes a Warlord. He must suppress his ego in order to protect the Kuja Pirates he leads.

Even so, he had never followed the rules set by the World Government. Hancock even considered resigning from the position of War Commander several times.

3. Boa Hancock's bounty

A bounty is a prize given by the World Government to anyone who catches a pirate, dead or alive. Each pirate has a different bounty price. The amount depends on the expertise, crime, and crew owned.

Before Boa Hancock became a Warlord, she had a bounty of 80 million Belly, a huge amount at the time. However, it is estimated that Hancock's bounty price has changed after the Seven Warlords were disbanded by the World Government.


4. Relations with Luffy

Boa Hancock One Piece originally had an antagonistic relationship with Luffy. However, after getting to know her personally, Hancock fell for the charm of the Straw Hat Pirate captain.

In fact, Hancock has confessed her feelings openly and proposed to Luffy to marry her, although in the end the proposal was rejected. Nevertheless, Hancock still helps Luffy against the World Government on several occasions.

5. Able to Use Haoshoku Haki

Boa Hancock is one of the few people capable of using Haoshoku Haki. This fact makes her the only female character who can use three different types of Haki.

Haoshoku Haki itself is the rarest form of Haki. This type of Entitlement cannot be acquired through practice because the possessor has this power from birth. Haoshoku Haki allows the user to take down opponents who have weaker willpower.

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