5 Sexiest Pink Ranger of All Time - Power Rangers

One of the famous superheroes in almost all over the world is the Rower Rangers. It is undeniable that the presence of Power Rangers is so legendary that franchises have been created in various countries.

The initial appearance of the Power Rangers was to protect the earth from extraterrestrial attacks such as aliens who would rule this planet. This concept lasted for years, in fact there have now been around 23 seasons since the first Power Rangers episode in 1993.

The Power Rangers are usually a group of 5 teenagers with super powers consisting of 3 boys and 2 girls. Well, usually, these female actors will be lined up to become the Pink and Yellow Rangers. Talking about Ranger Pink, at least they are figures who are used as sweeteners in superhero action. They will be played by beautiful and sexy teenagers.

Here are the Sexiest Pink Rangers of All Time According to opinion of Meihsin Vai :

Catherine Sutherland - Kat

Kat, played by Catherine Sutherland. Not only attractive, he is also considered as one of the most well-known Rangers cast.

Kat was first introduced in the third season of Power Rangers Mighty Morphin. He later returned to Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo, where he continues to stand out for his Australian accent, blonde hair and strong personality. Uniquely, Sutherland often incorporates a fighting style similar to ballet, which is his background.

Melody Perkins - Karone

The true figure of Karone was not born as a hero. Initially he was also depicted as a villain who later became Ranger Pink Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Karone, played by Melody Perkins, is told to replace the real actor who sacrificed himself to save his friends. Karone's character actually made his debut as the Pink Ranger in the Space season. In that season, Karone became a good person.

Even though he turned bad again due to being brainwashed by the enemy, Karone can still be saved. And it turns out that the audience really likes Karone's figure, especially the comedic side that often comes out in every role.

Alycia Purrott - Syd

Alycia Purrott plays Syd in Power Rangers S.P.D (not broadcast in Indonesia). Syd is actually a spoiled character because before becoming a Ranger he was the son of rich people and a skilled fencer, singer, and model.

Syd's character is in the B-Squad which is thick with beautiful, beautiful blonde hair. He has the ability to change the molecular structure of any element he touches with his hands.

Erika Fong - Mia

This one figure can not be missed. Ranger Pink in this season of Samurai and Super Samurai is the basis of the strength of the entire team. She is Erika Fong who plays Mia, Ranger Pink.

Before becoming a Ranger, Mia was told to grow up in an orphanage with her brother. Mia is mature, optimistic, and hoping to find true love, wants to become a competent cook.

Amy Jo Johnson - Kimberly

If this one is certainly no stranger. This is an all-time favorite of all Ranger Pink cast! Who else if not Kimberly, played by Amy Jo Johnson. In fact, of the many Pink Ranger actors, Kimberly is the most memorable figure.

She is very cheerful, loves shopping, and wears attractive clothes of course. Her gymnastic skills in the real world make her very natural when acting out jumping and fighting scenes relying on her body's flexibility. She has always been considered the sexiest Pink Power Ranger of all time.

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