Azumi, Ninja Girl - Sacrificing Love for Duty

Azumi tells the story of a group of young people who have been taught to be killers by a samurai since childhood. One of these young people is Azumi (Aya Ueto), who is also the only girl in the group. Azumi's mother died when she was young due to being killed, since then she has been raised by the samurai.

Together with his 9 friends, Azumi was trained in martial arts and swordsmanship since childhood. Then one day, the teacher (who was called Jiji) finally gave them a task, namely to kill 3 rulers of the Toyotomi clan who at that time intended to wage war (I don't really understand the details).

Before the mission was carried out, the teacher gave them a challenge. They were told to pair up with the friend they liked the most, and kill each other. The living, that's what will continue their mission (this is also one way so they can become cold-blooded killers).

At first they were just silent, not knowing what to do. Then, Ukiha (Narimiya Hiroki) obeys his teacher's orders and becomes the first to do the task, by killing his partner.

Finally the battle between the friends began. Azumi, who actually has a crush on Nachi (Shun Oguri), who is her partner, at first can only be silent and unable to do anything. However, in the end Azumi is forced to kill Nachi because Nachi starts her attack.

Finally, out of the ten people, five people remained. With a feeling of sadness because they were forced to kill their own friends, the mission began.


Together with jiji, the teacher, they started their task to kill these three rulers: Nagamasa Asano, Kiyomasa Kato, and Sanada Masayuki (btw these are real figures in Japanese history).

Of course, this mission is not easy to carry out, especially since these rulers are protected by many soldiers and skilled assassins, such as Saru, Bijomaru (Joe Odagiri), and others. So, what next? Will Azumi and her friends succeed in carrying out this mission? Who will survive? Just watch the movie.

This film still has a sequel, namely Azumi 2: Death or Love. In this film, Azumi continues her unfinished mission in the first film.

Video : Azumi Trailer

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