Catwoman - History of Creation and Her Romance With Batman

The creators of the character of Catwoman are Bill Finger and Bob Kane who also formulated the character of the Joker, even though they later clashed with their former partner, Jerry Robinson.

Finger and Kane both work as writers who helped create DC Comics characters in the early period. Meanwhile, Robinson is a drawing artist who is said to have been Kane's assistant.

Just like the Joker, Catwoman immediately appeared in the debut of the Batman comic series, first issue of April 25, 1940. At that time, the title Catwoman did not seem to have been coined because the title used was The Cat, whose real name was Selina Kyle.

So, who exactly is Selina Kyle and how did she become a criminal? Selina once revealed her identity in Batman comic issue 62, issue of December 1950. She claimed to have worked as a flight attendant. However, Selina becomes amnesiac after she hits her head in a plane crash. Luckily, his life was saved.

Since then, Selena quit her job as a flight attendant, and then turned into a professional thief – on the pretext of losing her memory. Much later, in issue 197 of the comic, Selena said that what she was telling was just a fabrication. Either true or not.

Catwoman is one of the anti-hero characters that most often appears in various types of products related to Batman, be it comics, animation, television series, or films. In fact, in 2011, DC Comics released a story that revolves around Selena's daily life, although not about her past before becoming Catwoman.

The origins of Catwoman or Selina Kyle were only revealed by DC Comics at the end of 2017. It is said that Selina has been an orphan since childhood. He can barely even remember the memories with his parents.

Selina's childhood was sad and hard. He was placed in various orphanages and repeatedly ran away, although in the end he was caught again and had to return to his childhood to adolescence at the orphanage.

Until finally, as she got older, Selena turned into a villain in a cat costume and introduced her identity as Catwoman.

Overall, Catwoman's story is rather complicated because she is very often present and even appears in various versions. However, there is an outline that can be concluded to reveal at least a little the identity of this anti-hero.

Alex Zalben's article entitled "Batman's Top 10 Love Interests" on the MTV website (2011) states that Selina Kyle, The Cat, or Catwoman is actually the love interest of Batman aka Bruce Wayne's most enduring. How come?

Catwoman is indeed presented as an anti-hero or antagonist who often commits mysterious thefts in Gotham City so that she becomes the target of Batman, the superhero. However, the frequent contact of these two creatures actually creates curiosity for one another.

So, as time goes by and there are a number of supportive moments, between Batman and Catwoman a unique feeling grows: sometimes they like but not infrequently they also hate each other.

In several Batman comic series published since mid-1951, Catwoman is told to turn into a good person and often helps the batman, who may have become her lover. He was also tasked with spying on the Joker.

Catwoman and Batman or Selena Kyle and Bruce Wayne even later married and had one child named Helena Wayne. However, Selena and Bruce eventually divorced, Bruce kept all of his valuable jewelry, including that of his ex-wife, in a private safe to lure Selena to steal it.

Selena apparently enjoyed the challenge. He kept trying to steal jewelry from the safe and repeatedly had encounters with Batman. Even though she has returned to the life of crime she had left behind, Catwoman continues to monitor Batman, and occasionally comes to help when her ex-husband is stuck in trouble.

It's just that, no matter what good things Catwoman has done, and how much she has had a romantic relationship and even helped the superhero several times, this thieving cat is still included in the category of criminals.

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