Thena The Goddess of War - Angelina Jolie - The Eternals

The film Eternals comes as a superhero film apart from the Avengers with different characters. Moreover, many world stars are the main actors and play key characters in this superhero group.

One of these key characters is Thena, this character played by Angelina Jolie. He appears in a unique golden costume and with stunning cosmic powers.

Thena is one of the formidable warriors of the Eternals and has strength above the average of the other members. This made him very close to being appointed as the leader of Eternals, before Ikaris took the mandate.

Thena was born in the city of Olympia, Ancient Greece and her name is inspired by the goddess of the same name in Greek mythology. However, Zuras, her father, changed her name to Azura to seal the pact between the Olympians and the Eternals. This is what then makes him always tied to the City of Athens which is said to be dedicated to him.

Like the other members of the Eternals, Thena is an experiment from the Celestials. This experiment created two opposing groups, namely the Eternals and Deviants. Thena was born as an immortal and has quite strong super-cosmic powers.

As a group of heroes taken from Greek mythology and god-like with cosmic powers, Thena and other members of the Eternals have played a part in shaping human history. This is due to the ability to live forever and they have been alive since the universe was created. In addition, Thena becomes a mentor for her other friends to help humans on earth.

Only appearing in the 1970s in the comic series Eternals, Thena actually appeared as Minerva, the Roman goddess who made her debut in 1940 in the comic Red Rave n #1. Thena is called one of the elders of the superheroes in the Marvel universe.

Although part of the superhero Eternals, Thena had a secret love affair with Kro, one of the Deviants, villains in the Marvel world. This relationship has been going on for thousands of years with endless on and off. Only a few members of the Eternals know about this special relationship between Thena and Kro.

It turns out that Thea and Kro's relationship once made her pregnant. However, she managed to hide the pregnancy and after the birth of the baby she placed it with a woman during the Vietnam War. The two twins were born as normal humans and were named Deborah and Donald Ritter.

One of Thea's unique abilities is being able to manipulate the energy flowing within her and channel it to the object she wants. This ability allows Thena to transform any material into the objects and weapons she needs when she goes to war.

Video : Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Official Teaser

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