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Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Mother of Dragons, is one of the key characters in the legendary Game of Thrones saga. Its creator, George Martin, managed to create a huge fantasy world where there is a fierce power struggle. The bright books were spun and caused a storm of interest around the world. The audience especially loved the image of Daenerys who was fearless and proud.

Daenerys: what does that name mean? interesting facts The exact decipherment of Daenerys' name is probably known only to George Martin. A popular variant describes the name as follows: "Dayn" is translated from Hebrew as "God is my judge"; The root word "eris" is of Greek origin and comes from the name of the goddess Eris. He is associated with destruction and chaos. According to this interpretation, the translation of the daughter's name is 'God is the judge of my chaos'. In this understanding, it was a reflection of the haughty attitude that brought the Dragon Mother to the Iron Throne through all odds.

How is Daenerys' image on the screen? Actress Emilia Clarke ("Terminator Genisys", "Han Solo. Star Wars Tales") claims that she has a lot in common with this heroine. The role has become her favorite, and fans say that Emilia perfectly embodies the life of the Mother of Dragons and shows her personality development from a young and naive princess to a true Targaryen.

Daenerys Targaryen: character story The Targaryen extended and noble family is a ruling dynasty. But Aerys the Mad, Daenerys' father, proves to be a cruel and bloodthirsty king.

During his reign, there was a rebellion. Bloody political upheaval caused Aerys to lose his throne. It was at this time that her daughter was born, who was named Daenerys Stormborn. The girl was rescued and sent to Braavos.

While the baby was growing up, serious games for the crown were opened in the kingdom. For the grown Daenerys, her older brother quickly arranged the marriage for safety.

King Dothraki (Khal) is chosen as the groom. Khal Drogo and Daenerys received an interesting wedding gift - a dragon egg, which is considered the ancestor of all Targaryen.

Khaleesi Daenerys and Khal turned out to be a happy couple. The princess is saved from her sister's despotic tendencies. His goal was the birth of an heir who would later be able to usurp the coveted Iron Throne. And then came pregnancy.

But soon the enemy attacked the princess. A potential threat worries the ruler of the seven kingdoms, he sends his loyal men to kill Daenerys.

However, his efforts failed. In response, Drogo advanced towards the enemy with a military campaign. His wife went with him. As a result of an accident, Khaleesi was doomed to lose a loved one and her baby, who was never born.

While climbing the funeral pyre, Daenerys finds three dragons instead of death. From then on, the young woman decided to raise a generation of fire-breathing creatures to regain her throne and avenge her lover's death.

Ahead of him is a test of power and a new marriage. One of the key characters of the saga, Jon Snow and Daenerys will be closely related. But a proud beauty with an unshakable belief in herself will continue to her goal, despite all obstacles.

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