Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad - Super Hero

Harley Quinn character first appeared in the Batman story not from the comic story. The character of Harley Quinn first appeared in the animated television series Batman entitled The Joker's Favor in 1992.
The appearance of Harley Quinn managed to attract attention so that he later appeared in the Batman comic story which was released in 1994 with the title The Batman Adventures: Mad Love, which was later reappeared in the Batman animated TV series entitled Mad Love.

Harley Quinn's real character is a woman named Harleen Quinzel. Harleen is an intern psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. When analyzing the Joker's personality, Harleen secretly likes the Joker.
Harleen then frees the Joker from Arkham Asylum. He then helps the Joker commit crimes by wearing a clown robe with the name Harley Quinn. However, the Joker only took advantage of Harley Quinn and tried several times to get rid of Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn is the antagonist in the Batman story. Of all the female antagonists, Harley Quinn is one of the most well-known to appear regularly in Batman stories.
Harley Quinn also has enough fame that DC finally made it the animated series Gotham City Sirens in which there are also Poison Ivy and Catwoman characters.

Harley Quinn is also a unique character. He is indeed an antagonist, but in several other universes from the Batman story, Harley Quinn's figure is not entirely evil. Although he is an antagonist, he is not suitable to be identified with the term villain. The term anti-hero can also be given to the figure of Harley Quinn.
In a solo series by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, Harley is told to try to start a new life by helping people several times even though the result is often chaos.

The Harley Quinn character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm was inspired by the soap opera "Days of Our Lives", where actress Arleen Sorkin dresses up as a court jester. From there, Dini and Timm created a character that was deliberately similar to Arleen Sorkin's appearance and voice, because they felt that Arleen had characteristics that matched the character they wanted to create.

Many people think Harley only has human abilities such as agility and body agility because he is a former gymnast, as well as his armed abilities. But actually, Harley has super powers, you know! When Harley is dying, Ivy injects a serum to speed up Harley's recovery. But not only cure it, it turns out that the serum makes Harley immune to various kinds of poisons and acids, as well as increasing his body's strength and agility.


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