Mera (Amber Heard), Aquaman Lover Super Hero

In his solo film, Aquaman is not alone. He was accompanied by Mera, a princess of Atlantis. It's not surprising that Mera has an important role in the film, considering that she also has a pretty big role in the comics.
In the comics, Mera has several early stories. However, in all stories, he is part of the royal family. She was first introduced in Aquaman #11 in 1963. At that time, she was introduced as the queen of Dimension Aqua aka Xebel, an alien dimension that exists under the sea, reports Bustle.

However, a villain named Leron forces him to exile from his kingdom. Mera then fled to Earth. He meets with Aquaman, asking for his help.
In the battle between Leron and Aquaman, Leron actually managed to capture the hero and bring him to Dimension Aqua. In the end, Aquaman managed to defeat Leron and invite Mera to live with him in Atlantis.
In the 2010 series Brightest Day, Mera confessed that she was sent to Earth by her father to kill Aquaman. The reason is because Aquaman is the King of Atlantis, while Xebel is a kingdom created by people who were exiled from Atlantis after the civil war.
Fortunately, Mera decided not to kill Aquaman and instead fell in love with him and became the Queen of Atlantis.

Given that the world in comics is sometimes reorganized, determining a story that still applies is sometimes difficult. So far, there is no definite story for Mera. However, in the film, Mera's origins are also slightly changed.
In the film, Mera is the fiancé of Orm, Aquaman's half-sister. Orm is also the King of Atlantis and wants to start a war with the humans on land. King Nereus, Mera's father, agrees with Orm's decision.
Mera doesn't want war. That's why he went ashore to find Aquaman aka Arthur Curry, asking for his help. Mera wants Arthur to claim his right as king and prevent war.
Arthur is caught by Orm and challenges his younger brother to a duel. Arthur lost and almost died. Fortunately, Mera saved him. They then went on an adventure together to help Aquaman claim his right to be king. In the adventure, the two fall in love.
One similarity between Mera in the comics and in the film is that neither of them are weak women. In the film, Mera teamed up with Aquaman to defeat the two main villains, Orm and Black Manta. Amber Heard, the actress who plays Mera, admitted that this was one of the reasons why she was interested in playing the role.
"In the first comic I read, Mera came when Arthur was trying to save a city from a flood and he helped him. He had an equally important role in saving the city," said Heard.
"The confused villagers asked, 'Who is that? Is that Aquawoman?' And Mera said, 'No, I have my own name. My name is Mera.' I like Mera, as someone who is allergic to the kind of women who need help that usually appear in superhero movies."

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