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The Story of a Magical Leader Named Queen Himiko - Remember the story of Himiko's curse in the 2018 Tomb Raider film? The story of the mummy of the Queen who carried this disease was inspired by the legend of Himiko from Japan. Historical records show that a woman once ruled in Japan, precisely when this country was still called Yamatai. The queen named Himiko is described as a woman who has magic and is very powerful.

He controls the Yamatai Kingdom with his superpowers. Queen Himiko was chosen to be the leader after a long war that took place in the land of Wa, namely the name of Japan in the past. She is a queen who is loved and respected by the people. Himiko succeeded in advancing the Yamatai Kingdom with a well-organized tax and legal system. Himiko has many maidservants and she rarely appears in public. During her lifetime, the queen lived single.

He is also said to have only one male servant. Himiko is highly respected by her people even though rarely anyone can see her. The reason, he lived in a palace surrounded by towers and forts and heavily guarded by armed forces. Himiko also has 1000 female maids and one male confidant who helps him lead Yamatai-koku for the next 50-60 years. For the sake of the unity of the Yamatai kingdom, Himiko made a diplomatic visit to China.

How the Story of the Magical Leader Named Queen Himiko?

Even the Wei Dynasty gave Himiko the title, "Queen of Wa Friendly to Wei", along with a gold stamp and over 100 bronze mirrors. However, this great queen died in the year 248. And in her honour, her people made a super large tomb shaped like a keyhole called a "kofun." It is said that Himiko's 100 followers also "followed him into the grave." Yes, get into it. Loved by the people huh?

Although many objects to the "authenticity" of Queen Himiko's story, in 2009, a group of Japanese archaeologists claimed that they had found the tomb of Himiko, Hashihaka Kofun in Sakurai City. Indeed, judging from the radiocarbon of the artefacts found, Hashihaka Kofun is thought to date from 240 and 260 BC. Does it match the story of Queen Himiko?

One of the artefacts left by Queen Himiko is a magic mirror made of bronze. This mirror was found at the Higashinomiya Cemetery in Aichi Prefecture. Himiko's mirror is included in the Sankabuchi Shinjukyo category, which is a bronze mirror that was presented by the Chinese Empire as a political alliance gift. In the past, mirrors were considered a ritual support tool and had certain magical powers.

If you want to imagine this mirror visual, maybe you can replay the Tomb Raider movie. There is a scene where the mummy of Queen Himiko is depicted holding this legendary magic mirror. Although the story of Queen Himiko is quite popular in Japan, it turns out that the whereabouts of the queen and the location of Yamatai are still being debated to this day.

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