Xiao Wu - Dòuluō Dàlù (Soul Land) - Donghua/ Chinese Drama Serial

Xiao Wu is one of the main female figures of the novel Dou Luo Da Lu by author Tang Jia San Shao, this drama tells the story of Tang San (Sean Xiao) who lost his mother when he was young.

From then on, Tang San grew up with his father relying on each other. Possessing great intelligence and talent, Tang San was sent by his father to the Rouding Academy at the age of 16 to start pursuing his dream of becoming a great fighter.

At this Rouding Academy, Tang San trains under the tutelage of Yu Xiao Gang (Calvin Chen). Tang San then meets an orphaned girl named Xiao Wu (Betty Wu).

As time went on, Tang San and Xiao Wu's friendship grew stronger. The two then promised to always be brothers and take care of each other for life.

Seeing his two disciples getting better and better, Xiao Gang decides to send Tang San and Xiao Wu to train at Shrek Academy and join the other five great fighters.

Possessing great strength, these seven Shrek Academy students were known as the Shrek Seven Devils. Their abilities also caught the attention of the royal nobles.

The Shrek Seven Devils were invited to continue their training at the Tian Dou Royal Academy. While in the kingdom, the Sherek Seven Devils were caught up in the conflicts of the princes who fought each other for power.

Tang San also had to join in many battles to protect the kingdom. As time goes by, Tang San also finally finds out the hidden secret behind his mother's death.

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