Lauriel - Arena of Valor (AOV) - The Best Skill You Need to Know

Lauriel AOV is a character or hero with roleplay as Mage/Assassins who have high mobility. She is very overpowered when he becomes a Midlaner. This hero is quite iconic when it appears in the Arena of Valor game. He can be very deadly if a suitable build is attached to increase his active and passive skills.

She has the best healing abilities in the game, so she can last longer in battles with very short Cooldown Reduction. Because of this, it will be very difficult if this hero becomes an opponent. In the lore of Arena of Valor, Lauriel AOV build is told as a guardian of the Temple of Light and serves as a spiritual leader for his followers. He is a Magician who is loyal and obedient to the Great Ones.

Lauriel AOV Skin

After knowing the abilities and short stories of Lauriel's hero in the Arena of Valor game, this time Info Sport will discuss Lauriel's skills, including:

1. Passive Skill - Divine Punishment
If the opponent hits this passive skill, it will be marked by Lauriel. Every 4 marked explosions explode, it will deal 160 True Damage with +0.64 AP to the nearest opponent while giving a Slow effect of 50% - 90% for 1 second. With this skill too, Lauriel recovers 110 HP after the explosion.

2. Skill 1 - The Wheel
Using this skill, Lauriel summons Divine Light which can deal 215/260/305/350/395/440 with +0.6 AP Magic Damage to enemies hit. The light flashes and deals the same amount of Magic Damage.

3. Skill 2 - Blink
Lauriel strikes at the target and becomes invincible in no time while simultaneously dealing 3 energy balls to attack nearby enemies dealing 175/190/205/220/235/250 +0.24 AP Magic Damage per attack. If this skill hits the opponent, it will reduce Cooldown for 4 seconds.

4. Skill 3 - Smite
Skill 3 Lauriel can summon a Judgment Circle which can hit an opponent dealing 210/245/280 (+0.5 AP) Magic Damage when the circle appears and fades. This skill is also able to reduce Cooldown when he is in a circle.

5. Summoner's Spell Laurier: Flicker
Spells that are suitable for use by Lauriel are Flicker, to get the escape mechanism skill. This is beneficial for Lauriel to escape when in a state of urgency.

6. Lauriel Arcana
Arcana that are suitable for use by Lauriel are as follows:
Violet x10: Can increase Ability Power by +4.2 and Magic Pierce by +2.4
Guerrilla x10: Can increase Attack Speed by +1% and Movement Speed by +1%
Hex x10: Can increase Ability Power by +2.4 and Cooldown Speed +0.7%

Lauriel Build Recommendations

To get Leuirel's maximum potential as a Mage, the list of recommended equipment items that make up Lauriel's build must be filled by Orb of the Magi, Gilded Greaves, The Aegis, Rhea's Blessing, Hecate's Diadem and Holy of Holies.

Lauriel AOV will be very painful if it is filled with tips interested in using it? Good luck!

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