Shu Jing Rong (Crystal Yuan) - Wuxia Listening Snow Tower - Chinese Drama

Listening Snow Tower is a drama that aired in China starting on May 6, 2019 on the Tencent TV channel. The drama, which was adapted based on the wuxia novel of the same name, tells the story of the struggles of Shu Jing Rong (Crystal Yuan) and Xiao Yi Qing (Qin Jun Jie) who fight against an evil and terrible sect, the Moon sect who wants to become the ruler and leader of the sects.

Lunar Sect sect leaders such as: Bai Di (He Zhonghua), Xue Gu (Wang Jiuzhen) and Blood Demon Shu Xuei (Lu Fangsheng), three powerful and influential warriors in Wulin, join Master Listening Snow Tower to fight and conquer evil and restore healing. peace in the martial world.

Moon sect leader Hua Lian, with his black magic, influenced the Blood Demon's mind and brain and ordered him to kill his beloved princess and finally with all his might against the black magic power that influenced his mind by killing himself to protect his daughter, Shu Jing rong.

Shu Jing Rong managed to survive because he was helped by the head of the Snow Tower Shi Shui. Shu Jing Rong then lived in the Sand Valley and became Bai Di's disciple. Previously Bai Di already had 2 students, namely: the first college student, Qing Lang (Han Cheng Yu) and the second college student, Qing Yu (Zhao Dong Ze). How come Dong grew up with his older brothers and sisters.

Xiao Yi Qing is the son of Master Snow Tower who is weak and sickly and was treated in the sand valley.

Shu Jing Rong who was touched by Xiao Yi Qing's actions who accompanied him all night at his father's funeral hoped and prayed for Xiao Yi Qing to get well and healthy again and they would meet one day.

Shu Jing Rong reunites with Xiao Yi Qing when Shu Jing Rong rescues Xie Bing Yu (Fu Meng Ni) who was kidnapped by mountain bandits when she was about to get married. Jing Rong was helped by the young master of the Listening Snow Tower, Xiao Yi Qing. Finally Xie Bing Yu and Jing Rong went with Xiao Yi Qing to Snow Tower.

The Moon Sect attacks the Sand Valley and kills Bai Di, and Jin Rong is separated from his first elder brother, Qing Lang, who is thought to have been killed in the battle against the Moon Sect.

Together with Qing Yu, his second brother, Jin Dong became a member of the Snow Tower and intended to take revenge with the Moon Sect.

The idea of ​​the story is cliché and general like about revenge, an evil cult that wants to rule the martial world blends in with romance like most other wuxia dramas. But Listening Snow Tower is able to package it into an interesting story to watch.

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