Tokisaki Kurumi - Date a Live - Anime

Tokisaki Kurumi is a character and female character in the anime Date a Live, she is attractive, elegant and has a yandere nature.

And here is information and facts about Tokisaki Kurumi :
1. Appears as a cameo in episode 5 season 1. Appears and is introduced in full, in episode 7.

2. Kurumi is the third “sere/spirit” introduced in the anime.

3. When introducing myself at Raizen High School. He immediately revealed his identity as a spirit.

4. According to Mana, apart from the casualties due to the explosive energy generated when a spirit appears, Kurumi has already killed over 10,000 people.

5. Kurumi's code name is Nightmare.

6. For now, it looks like Kurumi is the only character in Date a Live, who is given a special back sound. Which will be played where and in the situation Kurumi is there.

7. As long as he appears in anime season 1, Kurumi is shown killing 7 people.

8. The murder incident occurred in episodes 7 and 8. Season 1.

9. Throughout seasons 1, 2 and 3. Kurumi is the only spirit, who is most often shown dead. Even if it's just a clone.

10. Kurumi had an experience that made her eyes have a different color. We felt it was also the effect of him being a spirit.

11. The number in Kurumi's left eye uses the number from the Roman coat of arms.

12. Kurumi's angel is zafkiel. The shape of a clock face, which looks the same as the one in his left eye.

13. When fighting, Kurumi usually uses a gun that is similar in design to a gun in the 17th and 18th centuries.

14. We don't really know how strong Kurumi is in 1 on 1 against other spirits. It's just that Kurumi has never been shown to be desperate when dealing with kotori.

15. But Kurumi is the only spirit, who is shown to be able to skyquake, at will.

16. He is not easy to kill, which is a witness to that. Because he can make clones.

17. And with his clone, Kurumi in season 2 slaughtered the wizards D.E.M.

18. For now, as he himself said at the end of episode 1 of season 2. Kurumi's current goal is to kill the first spirit that gave the other spirits power.

19. Although Kurumi rarely appears, once she appears and is shown in anime, Kurumi often has very important and many roles for other stories and characters in anime.

20. And although she is rarely shown, Kurumi is the most popular character in Date a Live.

21. Kurumi's ability, yud bet / 12th bullet, first shown in the anime, was used on Origami, to send Origami to the past.

22. We don't know how far the yut bet can send someone to the past, for now, that ability is enough to send someone to the past 5 years.

23. So far in the Anime, Kurumi has not been sealed as a spirit.

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