Zhou Fei (Zhao Li Ying) - Legend of Fei - Chinese Drama Series

Legend of Fei is the latest Chinese drama series adapted from the novel entitled Bandits by Priest. The 51-episode series stars Wang Yibo, Zhao Li Ying, Zhang Hui Wen, Chen Ruo Xuan, and Sun Jian.

Legend of Fei tells the story of the legendary struggle of the heroes, Zhou Fei and Xie Yun. The story begins when Li Zheng (Hu Bing) is secretly given a mission by the emperor to build 48 forts in the Shu Mountains in an effort to protect the poor and bandits.

Li Zheng, who was known as a hero with the nickname Blade of the South, then passed on his martial arts skills to the bandits in the forts. After Li Zheng died, his position was replaced by his daughter, Li Jin Tong (Che Xiao).


Jin Tong then married Zhou Yi Tang (Zong Feng Yan) and gave birth to a daughter named Zhou Fei (Zhao Li Ying). Zhou Fei grew up to be a beautiful and resolute girl.

However, Zhou Fei had never been trained in martial arts. Not only that, his father forbade him to go to the outside world before he was 16 years old. This ban bore Zhou Fei and repeatedly tried to escape, but failed every time. One day, he almost drowned while trying to escape.

Luckily, Zhou Fei was rescued by a martial arts expert named Xie Yun (Wang Yi Bo). Since that meeting, the two of them grew together to become best friends. Zhou Fei and Xie Yun also studied fighting skills together. In the end, Zhou Fei became a formidable swordsman.

At the same time, the world is in turmoil initiated by a group of criminals. Zhou Fei and Xie Yun also drifted into the war. Over time, they also uncovered secrets that had been buried for 20 years, including Xie Yun's true identity.

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