There Are Some Facts Queen Seon Deok

There Are Some Facts Queen Seon Deok - Many of you are familiar with Korean dramas after watching Drama The Great Queen Seon Deok. The drama, played by Lee Yo Won as Queen Seon Deok, managed to get a rating above 40% in Korea. However, do you know who Queen Seon Deok is? She became the ruling queen of the first kingdom in 5000 Korean histories. At that time, only men could become kings.

The First Queen in Korean History

Facts Queen Seon Deok turned out to be the first queen in Korean history. Seon Deok was queen for almost 15 years from 632-647. In the Silla kingdom, Seon Deok is the 27th ruler and the first queen in the kingdom and history. During his reign, Silla had the weakest national power compared to the other kingdoms, Goguryeo and Baekje.

Queen Seon Deok's Achievements

Queen Seon Deok ascended the throne during a turbulent period, but she was a great queen. Seon Deok paved the way for Silla with his extraordinary wisdom. He uses his intuition, intelligence and charm to run the country to stay strong in battle with the other two kingdoms. Baekje and Goguryeo finally united the entire Korean peninsula for the first time, only a few decades after Queen Seon Deok's reign.

Queen Seon Deok's Death Divination

Not only that, one of the most memorable abilities in history is the ability to predict which is called 'Queen Seon Deok's Divination'. The Queen predicts the Baekje attack. Where before he had heard a swarm of frogs making noise in the Eokmun Pond. This is then considered by Seon Deok as a warning of an impending attack on Silla. Seon Deok then sent troops even though military observers saw no sign of an attack.

What Are Some Facts Queen Seon Deok?

His prediction turned out to be true, the enemy troops were hiding and ready to attack. This made general Baekje killed in the attack. Another prediction is about the prediction of his death, starting from the date, month, and year to the time of his death.

Died Without a Royal Heir

His early leadership in the Silla Kingdom as a successor to his father is believed to be attributed to his display of intelligence in childhood. One story is that when he was seven years old, his father received a box of Peony flower seeds from the Emperor of China accompanied by a painting of what the flowers looked like.

Seeing the painting, Seon Deok commented, "It's a shame even though the flowers are beautiful but they don't smell.  If it smells good, there will be a lot of butterflies and bees around the flower painting." This observation proves his intelligence. This confirmed his ability to rule the kingdom.

Queen Seon Deok has been likened to Queen Elizabeth I, who encouraged a revival in thought, literature and the arts that had a strong impact on Silla culture. He also pushed for a balance between Korea's different religious groups. After his reign ended, Seon Deok died without a narrator. That's all I can say about some Facts Queen Seon Deok.

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