Revenge Girl (2022) - Chinese Action Science Fiction Movie

The year is 2065, technology has advanced and allows us to unlock human potential by implanting a special chip into the body. In a secret lab, researcher Ho Lan (Michelle E) becomes disillusioned with the experiments and tries to get the experimental children to freedom. But only a girl named Qian He is selected, who shows extraordinary talents that make the leader of the pursuers (Liang Long) suspect that she has been implanted with a completely new, more advanced version of the chip. Years pass, Qian He has grown into a young girl (Zhang Yitong (1)), but her body does not obey - she is confined to a wheelchair. Meanwhile, her search continues, led by her brother Ah Fei (Lu Siheng), one of those children whom Huo Lan failed to bring out...

Against the backdrop of rather monotonous fantasy and adventure action films about tomb raiders, which are filled with modern online cinemas in China, you look forward to such a film as "The Avenger" - a dystopian fantasy, and even without any absurdity, but with a scuffle! The trailer promises fast-paced and visually stylish action, but the reality is not all that rosy - yes, this film is not without its merits, but as a solid work of art, it leaves much to be desired.
It is clear that all this is not from a good life, but the visual style of The Avenger, which is a mixture of futurism and total retro, seems pretty pretty. It's a world where giant holograms and advanced weapons sit side by side with some rags and old kinescope TVs that need to be turned on with a button. It seems that the authors were inspired by the world of Ridley Scott's Bladerunner, but what looked like visionary in 1982, forty years later, seems like a good mine for a bad game - as if the members of the film crew scraped old unnecessary rubbish out of closets and garages and tried to give out its heap for some style.
The plot is not very captivating either, which sways for a long time and, as it turns out towards the end, is distracted by not so significant details and characters that could well have been omitted. Still, 84 minutes by the standards of modern online cinema is almost an epic saga, 15 minutes could well be cut.
Nevertheless, half an hour before the finale, they will still let us remember why we are watching this movie after all - in the final act, we are waiting for two very nice hand-to-hand fights between the main characters. There are no incredible and dangerous tricks in them, but thanks to the spectacular camera work (here it is also necessary to take into account that the young star Zhang Yitong is duplicated almost all the time, so here the cameramen were required to be extremely precise so as not to light up the face of the understudy) and clever editing it all looks very exciting and dynamic.

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