Mak Lampir, Indonesian Horror Legend - Radio/TV Series

Mak Lampir is a mythical legend and antagonist of society on the island of Java, Indonesia, and is widely known through a radio play entitled ''Mystery of Mount Merapi'' in the 80s. After that, several versions of the television series were made so that currently no one is in the audience. Indonesians who don't know Mak Lapir.

The radio story was later adapted to the big screen in the 90s under the titles ''Fire-Haired Woman'' and ''Fire Whip''. Her popularity on the big screen was then continued through soap operas in the 2000s era with the same title, but in a more modern era setting. So, who exactly is Mak Lampir? Why is he so cursed in the eyes of viewers or radio listeners? Here's the story that we extract from various sources.

Mak Lampir the king's daughter

It is said that the story, Mak Lampir is a princess from an ancient kingdom, namely Champa (Chiem Thanh). An empire that once ruled the area that now includes Central and South Vietnam and is thought to have existed from the 7th century to 1832.

According to some stories, Mak Lampir's name is actually Siti Lampir Maimunah. The legend of Mak Lampir actually comes from West Sumatra. The mythology is quite famous in several areas in Sumatra, for example in Agam Regency, Bukit Tinggi, where Mount Marapi stands. The legend of Mak Lampir is also associated with the legend of 7 Tiger Man who also came from West Sumatra, parts of Bengkulu Province, and Lampung.

Love the beautiful and shy young Mak Lampir

As a teenager, Mak Lampir was a beautiful, kind, and very shy girl. Then when he grew up he fell in love with a wandering young man. The wanderer is known as Datuk Panglima Kumbang, who is a nobleman who holds the title Datuk and is the commander of the realm of darkness. Datuk Panglima Kumbang is said to be able to change his form into a panther or tiger.

Mak Lampir's love was not one-sided, because in fact the Datuk also liked Mak Lampir. Unfortunately, even then the lovebirds must accept the fact that their relationship is not blessed, because the Champa Kingdom knows that the Datuk is from the stealth, and vice versa.

Hurt by his parents, Mak Lampir then decided to run away and solitude at the foot of Mount Marapi. He also meditated in order to enter the realm of stealth and find his idol. Unfortunately, his efforts have not yielded results.

In her hermitage, then Mak Lampir met another hermit who eventually became his teacher, and made him a very powerful woman. Mak Lampir's teacher was named Grandma Serintil, who was said to be quite powerful and effective from the black flow of the Orange Orchid.

It is said that Serintil was a hermit from Java who worshiped Batara Kala, a god who was symbolized as a giant with a scary face.

A love adventure that ends in disaster

Because she already has supernatural powers, finally Mak Lampir again tries to find the idol of the heart, through exploration into the realm of stealth. Until one day, Mak Lampir got news that the Datuk Panglima Kumbang died in a battle. Mak Lampir's heart was broken when he heard his idol left him.

But with her supernatural powers, Grandma Serintil then equips Mak Lampir with a science that is able to resurrect the dead demons. It's just that Mak Lampir's beauty must be the victim. Mak Lampir finally fulfilled the conditions and succeeded in resurrecting Datuk Panglima Kumbang. It's just that now her face is no longer beautiful, but has turned ugly and scary.

Even though he is ugly and scary, Mak Lampir hopes that Datuk Panglima Kumbang will still love him and accept him sincerely. But what happened was the opposite. The sacrifices made by Mak Lampir were one-sided. Hurt by the treatment of the idol of the heart, eventually triggers an endless grudge in Mak Lampir, and promises to continue fighting the demons and Datuk Panglima Kumbang.

Go to Java to ally with the jinn

To continue fighting the demons, Mak Lampir also gathered strength with the genie rulers of Mount Merapi in Java. In addition to gathering strength with the jinn, the purpose of Mak Lampir's move to Java was to make his knowledge even more perfect. Mount Merapi on the island of Java he made a burial and founded a magical kingdom.

The myth is, because of this Mak Lampir can live for hundreds of years and cannot die will disturb mankind, especially lovebirds. The genie kingdom is believed by the surrounding community to make Mount Merapi very haunted and scary.

The story of Mak Lampir eventually became one of the most legendary myths in Indonesia. Regardless of whether the story is true or not, in fact Indonesian culture and culture is still thick with supernatural beliefs.

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