Jasmine - Aladdin - Disney Movie - Middle Eastern Legend

Deep in the Arabian Desert, Princess Jasmine lives with her father, the Sultan of Agrabah, and his tiger, Rajah. The Sultan said that Jasmine must immediately marry a prince. But Jasmine wants to marry for love, not just to make her father happy!

In a village near the palace, there lived a young man named Aladdin. He lives with his best friend's monkey named Abu.

Aladdin lived a poor life, but he had big dreams: "One day," he said to Abu, "we will live in a palace!"
Meanwhile, at the palace, Princess Jasmine refused to marry. So he disguised himself as a farmer and ran away from the palace. At the market, he accidentally steals apples. A guard reaches for Jasmine, but Aladdin steps in to protect her.

Aladdin invites princess Jasmine to his house. As they talk, they discover that they each dream of a different life to the one they are currently experiencing.

“I ran away, and I'm not going back to the Palace,” said Jasmine.

The incident at the market made Aladin wanted by the royal guards. Finally his house was attacked by royal troops and Aladdin was arrested.

To release Aladin, Princess Jasmine reveals her identity as the princess. He asked Aladdin to be released.

Surprisingly, the royal troops refused. Aladdin was still taken away. While inside the palace prison, Aladdin meets an old man who helps him escape. The man takes Aladdin and Abu to the Cave of Wonders. (Roars) He wants Aladdin to take the magic lamp hidden inside.

Aladdin and Abu found the magic lamp and carpet! But when they took the lamp and the magic carpet suddenly the cave started rumbling and the surface of the cave turned into hot lava.

At the entrance, the parents who asked Aladin to enter did not help them. Instead of helping him, he even asked Aladdin to throw a magic lamp out of the cave.

It turned out that the old man was the incarnation of Jafar Assistant Sultan. Jafar is a bad person who wants to seize the power of the Sultan of Agrabah, the father of Princess Jasmine.

Inside the Cave, Aladin still wouldn't give the magic lamp before he could get out of the cave. Because he was angry, Jafar cast a spell so that the mouth of the cave was closed and Aladdin and the ashes were buried in it.

Aladin was very afraid of that situation, he accidentally rubbed the magic lamp in his arms. The magic happens. The genie (Jin) spins out of the lamp to save them from the cave and grants Aladdin three wishes!

Aladdin's first wish was to become a prince. Disguised as a wealthy prince visiting from another kingdom, Aladdin goes to meet princess Jasmine once again.

That night, Aladdin invites Princess Jasmine to ride a magic carpet to fly around the kingdom of Agrabah. That night became a night they would never forget.

Flying over the desert, mountains and sea, Jasmine and Aladdin discover a new world. The magic and beauty of the night brought them closer. They fall in love.

“Good night, handsome prince,” Jasmine whispered at the end of their flight.

Then Aladdin held Jasmine's hand. Aladdin was so happy, he felt as if he was floating in the air. On the other hand Jafar has an evil plan. He ordered his guards to throw Aladdin into the sea. At that critical moment, Aladdin used his second wish so that Jin would save him. But then Jafar stole his magic lamp!

Now Jin must serve Jafar !
And Jafar who is an evil sorcerer keeps Jasmine and her father as prisoners!

When Aladdin sneaks into the palace to save Jasmin and his father, Jasmine uses her beauty to distract Jafar. Aladdin manages to trick Jafar into using one of his wishes.

"I want to be a very strong genie!" said Jafar.

Jafar turns into genie. Aladin immediately rubs the magic lamp so that Jafar is trapped in it forever.

The Sultan tells Jasmine that she can marry whoever she wants. Princess Jasmine chose to marry her one true love that is Aladdin!

Aladdin used his last wish to free The Genie forever.

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