Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman 2017 - Super Hero Movie

Diana (Gal Gadot) is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) who grew up on a hidden island called Themyscira. The island is home to the Amazons, female warriors created by the Gods of Olympus to protect humanity.

One day, Hippolyta explained the history of the Amazons to Diana. One of them is about how Ares is jealous of humanity and intends to destroy it.

The gods trying to stop Ares were killed, leaving only Zeus. He used the last of his strength against Ares, forcing him to retreat.

Before dying, Zeus entrusted the god-killing weapons to the Amazons to use if Ares attacked again.

On the other hand, Diana begins to be trained to become a soldier by General Antiope (Robin Wright), even though Hippolyta is actually against the idea.

The story then switches to 1918 when Diana has grown up. One day, Diana rescued a US pilot who was stranded off the coast of Themyscira.

The pilot named Captain Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) was being hunted by German soldiers, the Amazons then faced German troops who invaded Themyscira.

The battle took many victims including General Antiope who was killed to save Diana.

After the German soldiers were overcome, Diana then interrogated Steve using his Hestia lasso rope.

Steve reveals a big war is going on in the outside world and he is a spy.

During his time as a spy, Steve finds evidence of a deadly plot from a notebook belonging to the German chief chemist Dr. Isabel Maru.

Dr. Isabel Maru (Elena Anaya) tries to make a deadly weapon to destroy humans. The plan is under the orders of General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston).

Diana, who believed the plan involved Ares' intervention, finally joined the war. He armed himself with a god-slaying sword, Hestia's lasso rope, and wore a suit of armor.

Wonder Woman is based on the first DC Comics character released in 1941 All Star Comics #8. The film is also produced by Warner Bros. in collaboration with Atlas Entertainment and Cruel and Unusual Films.

The film, directed by Patty Jenkins, is part of the DC Extended Universe and is the first part of the Wonder Woman trilogy. Meanwhile, the screenplay for Wonder Woman was written by Allan Heinberg.

Besides Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, the film also stars Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, and Elena Anaya.

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