Saya - Blood: The Last Vampire (2009) - Vampire Action Film

In 1970s Tokyo, there exists a secret organization called the "Council" that has been hunting vampires for hundreds of years. There is one 400 year old member named Saya, who was raised by a man named Kato. His motivation to join the vampire hunt is to take revenge against his father's killer, Onigen, the oldest vampire.

For the next mission, Saya disguises herself as a student at Kanto High School at the American air base near Fussa. His presence received negative attention from his school friends. Saya and Alice McKee, Daughter of the base general, always being teased by Sharon, along with her friends.

Alice is asked by her Kendo instructor Powell to keep practicing Kendo due to her poor performance. But when the teacher left Alice was mocked and abused by Sharon and her friends, even threatening her with a sharp katana.

At the crucial moment Saya appears to save Allice, she slaughters Sharon and her friends. It was a little confusing at first, but later it dawned on me that Sharon's group were vampires in disguise.

When Alice told her father, her father couldn't believe it because the "Council" cleaned the bodies of the vampires who had been killed. Alice's father is determined to carry out his own investigation.

Alice goes to the bar where her Kendo instructor usually hangs out. To his horror, the instructor, as well as everyone else at the bar, turned out to be vampires. Once again Saya have come to save her and must fight the hordes of vampires that surround them.

General McKee disguised himself as the CIA to investigate the "Council", in short General McKee was killed. But before she died Alice arrived just in time to witness her father's death.

Alice's dying father gave her Saya's address. With nowhere else to go, Alice decided to seek Saya's help. Luckily I never swore allegiance to the "Council" and instead protected Alice. The two of them fled the area and went to the mountains to find and kill Onigen.

In their pursuit, Alice and Saya were knocked off the side of the road by the attacking demon and they fell into the abyss. When Alice and Saya wake up, they are in Ancient Japan where I grew up. Onigen appears, reveals his true identity as Saya's mother, and fights Saya.

I killed Onigen. Alice, who was injured during the battle, wakes up to find herself in the wreckage of a truck and is taken to an ambulance. Later he was interviewed about the events surrounding his father's death, but the interviewer did not believe his story about vampires or the Council. When asked about where I was, Alice replied that she was "looking for her way back from the other side of the glasses".

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