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Yor Forger is a character in the anime Spy x Family who is a professional assassin. The following is a brief summary of Yor Forger that can be summarized :

1. Meet Loid Forger
Yor Forger wants to marry and become Loid Forger's wife because they agree on a mission each, so the marriage is indeed fake and not based on love.
The beginning of their meeting took place when Loid was going to buy new clothes for Anya. At that time Loid followed Yor who was about to fix the dress.
On the other hand, Yor asks Loid for help as his partner to a party. Loid also needs Yor so Anya can study at Eden Academy. From here the two officially live together.

2. Doing Marriage To Cover Your Identity
After the two are willing to live together because of the need to carry out a mission, Yor agrees to marry Loid as well as become Anya's adoptive mother.
At that time, Yor's identity changed from Yor Briar to Yor Forger so that no one would suspect his true figure.
Using the name Forger, of course, Loid and Yor used to register Anya's school at Eden Academy for the smooth operation of Operation Strix mission.

3. Single for 27 years
In all her life, Yor had never dated a man at all and that worried her little brother.
Besides never dating, Yor's chances of having a boyfriend are also very small. Even though she is quite beautiful.
Despite being single for 27 years, Yor is not worried about it as he is busy with his professional duties in a group called Garden.

4. Close to his younger brother
Yor Forger is known to have a younger brother named Yuri Briar who works in the State Security Service.
Yor and Yuri's relationship was very close from childhood to adulthood, even Yuri always reminded Yor to immediately have a partner and then get married.
Upon receiving an invitation to a party, Yor assures Yuri that he will come with his partner.

5. A professional assassin
Facts about Yor Forger actually has a profession as a professional assassin who is part of the Garden group.
However, not many know that he is a murderer. From the outside, his appearance is so gentle and innocent that not many realize that behind it his job is as an assassin.
In the Garden group, Yor earned the nickname Thorn Princess because of her ability to eliminate someone very quickly and deadly.

6. His nature is kind and loving
Yor begins to join Garden and learns to be a professional assassin when his parents die. At that time he and his sister had to fend for themselves to live.
However, his personality is very kind, loving, as well as towards Anya, who is very protective of him. Not only that, Yor will not let anyone hurt Anya let alone make her cry.

7. Can't cook
Unlike Loid, who is good at cooking, Yor is not good in the kitchen. But he did not give up to learn a lot to cook to make his child happy.
Even though she is only a foster mother, Yor tries to be the right mother figure and is able to provide comfort for Anya because she really loves her adopted daughter.
As time went on Yor began to get used to cooking food every time Loid and Anya came home or when they were all gathered together.

8. Victims of bullying
For 27 years Yor has never dated and that makes him often the target of bullying by his friends.
Yor is also always ridiculed as a spy woman because according to her friends, it is very unlikely that a woman as beautiful as Yor is single for a long time.
In order to break his friend's assumption, Yor agreed to marry Loid even though it wasn't real.

9. Coming from East Nielsberg
Yor's entire extended family lives and hails from East Nielsberg, which is where both his parents died when he was young.
The facts about Yor Forger show that his background is similar to that of Loid who is full of trials. The difference is that Yor still has a brother and sister who accompany him.
While joining Garden as a professional hitman, Yor began moving to Berlint until he finally met Loid.

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