Ling Long - Supreme Lord of Galaxy - Donghua Animated Series

Ling Long is the main female character in the animated film series "Supreme Lord of Galaxy", a female warrior who is picky and deft in fighting, but her charm is able to spoil even a tough man.

The Star Sect, once the most dazzling sect of the Blue Earth Star, accidentally obtained the “Star Map”, the ultimate treasure of the Ten Thousand Realms, which caught the eye of the Ruler of the Ten Thousand Realms. And in order to obtain the Star Map, the Sovereign of the Ten Thousand Realms encouraged high ranking Star Sect members to go to the Sacred Star Domain and imprison them in the “Sacred Star Domain”.

The only ones left of the Star Sect were the guardian elder, Zhuge Hao Han, as well as the young patriarch, Chu Xinghe, and several young disciples, who were suppressed by other clans for lack of strength and took their clan's land, taken by the Eagle Gang.

In order to find his imprisoned father and the most senior member of the Star Sect, he led several of his disciples to break through the twelve star realms in succession, defeat the twelve Star Soul Fortresses under the Ruler of the Ten Thousand Realms, and finally save him. father and everyone in the Ten Thousand Realms Ruling Star Sect as well.


星河至尊, Xinghe Zhizun, Supreme Galaxy, Supreme Star Martial Spirit

YEAR: 2021

DURATION: 7 min per ep.


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