Kunoichi, The Deadly Female Ninja Traces of the 15th Century

General History of the Kunoichi

The term ninja forms the image of a man in black uniform stored in our memory. In ancient Japanese records, these ninjas were known as shinobi.

Members of the shinobi clan in Japan are practitioners of ninjutsu, who teach the strategies and tactics of espionage, infiltration, sabotage, assassination and even guerrilla warfare.

Uniquely, its members are not only men, this shinobi also has a female warrior called Kunoichi.

Kunoichi is the name for female ninja in Japan. It is strongly believed that this mention has existed since the time of Takeda Shingen (3 November 1521-12 April 1573).

The existence of a kunoichi is indeed very secretive and more secret than the secret of the male ninja himself. Considering that Japanese culture has for a long time not recorded the existence of women, because in general the focus of history has been Japanese men as agents of life and history who they consider important.

Bansenshukai, a book in the 17th century reveals their existence. The Bansenshukai itself reveals that the main function of a kunoichi is to infiltrate their target's household by forming intimate relationships and win the target's trust.

Running freely in enemy territory and able to hide in plain sight, the kunoichi can get any information. Though the kunoichi can also kill, if ordered to.

In contrast to men, the social situation of women at that time became an advantage for the kunoichi which made them less suspicious. The kunoichi use feminine tricks to achieve their goals.

In fact, they were willing to be concubines and concubines for long periods of time. Their targets were usually the powerful and influential members of the samurai class.

At first, they work hard to integrate themselves well so that they gain the trust of their target and can enter into their household. And of course to gain the trust of many households slowly.

When it came time to kill the target, they didn't even have to wait for a male ninja. Their combat skills are just as good, even known to be more creative and also brutal.


This of course led many to conclude that the kunoichi posed a more serious threat than other male ninja because it was difficult to tell if a maid, priestess or prostitute was just a role.

Beauty and sexuality are the main weapons of the kunoichi, besides they also have their own unique real weapons. These weapons are often vague and unattractive, such as hairpins, folding fans with hidden blades, and poisons.

However, perhaps their most iconic weapon is the neko-te, the knife-clawed glove. With protruding tiger-like claws between 3 and 8 cm long, sharp enough to tear human flesh.

Some of the kunoichi even smeared the weapon with poison to hasten death or exacerbate the target's pain.

THE KUNOICHI ~Ninja Girl~2011

Synopsis :

Tells about Kisaragi (Rina Takeda). A ninja girl who is trying to save a group of female captives who will be used as slaves for masher men.
Seiji Chiba
Rina Takeda, Mitsuki Koga, Masanori Mimoto, Yûichi Satô
19 March 2011 (Japan)

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