Pros and Cons of Lunox - Hero Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Lunox is one of the most popular Mage heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero often becomes a bone of contention when playing rank or classic. Lunox is the best choice when you meet an opponent who has high durability, this hero's brust damage can kill any hero.

For those of you who are still unsure about using Lunox, here are three advantages and two disadvantages of this hero that you can consider buying. What are you curious about? Let's check below.

1. Has great damage in the early game

The first advantage possessed by the Lunox hero is that it has great damage in the early game. This is very reasonable because this hero is a Mage hero who has magic damage, besides that her passive skill (Dreamland Twist) also makes this hero have great damage in the early game. This skill changes the cooldown effect to magic penetration when darkening is stronger and changes the cooldown effect to physical and magical defense when brilliance is stronger.

For these two reasons, Lunox has enormous damage in the early game and is very deadly. To maximize this advantage, you should try playing bar and aggressive in the early game. This hero is indeed overpowered!

2. An agile hero that is very difficult to lock

The second advantage possessed by the Lunox hero is that it is agile and very difficult to lock. This is the most advantageous advantage possessed by this hero, it's very rare that there are Mage heroes who are agile, most of them don't have blink skills. Of the five skills possessed by the Lunox hero, only the ultimate skill (Order & Chaos) can give a blink effect.

Even though it's only one, this ultimate skill can provide two different effects. (Order & Chaos) When using the power of order, Lunox will be immune to all damage and also crowd control, whereas when using the power of chaos, she can blink in the specified direction and cancel the cooldown of Chaos Assault. With this skill, Lunox becomes very agile and very difficult to lock. Try it!

3. Capable of protecting the turret very well

The last advantage possessed by the Lunox hero is being able to protect the turret very well, this is because the two and only skills of this hero are able to clean Minions very quickly. The third skill, namely (Cosmic Fission) Creates a path in the specified direction, gives 300 (+ 150% total magic power) and a 40% slow effect for two seconds. Then the last one is the only skill, namely (Starlight Pulse) Lunox shoots all targets in front and gives 200 (+ 110% total magic power).

By relying on these two skills, Lunox can quickly clean Minions and protect the turret from enemy attacks. Very multitalented huh?


4. Difficult to master

Next is the drawback, the first drawback that the Lunox hero has is that it is very difficult to master. This is a fatal shortcoming that has resulted in many users of this hero becoming noops, a burden on the team and a cause for defeat. There are several things that make Lunox very difficult to master, namely: First, because the ultimate skill has a different function, you can be killed immediately if you use the wrong ultimate skill.

The second is that high finger speed is needed to use this hero, the opponent will not be killed if your hand is slow in using skills. Then the last thing is that it takes patience and the right timing, Lunox can only give burst damage once, your attacks will be in vain if you are impatient and the timing is wrong. It's so hard huh?

5. Not being able to carry the team

The last drawback possessed by the Lunox hero is not being able to carry a team or be used as a core hero, how come? This is because Lunox can only do one attack, can't do split push and also kill the Lord alone. As a result, Lunox relies on other people for victory and is not recommended for use when playing solo ranks. To overcome these weaknesses you have to play with friends, this is so that communication runs smoothly so it's easier to win.

So, those are the five advantages and disadvantages of the Lunox hero. Even though you can't carry a team and it's difficult to master, this hero is still recommended for use. What do you think?

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