Kadita - Mobile Legends (ML) Hero, The Ruler of The South Sea

This time Meihsin wants to introduce Kadita, the Hero in Mobile Legends. Kadita is the ruler of the sea who has a tail like a mermaid and has a very beautiful face.Kadita is the real name of a queen who controls the ocean south of the island of Java, Indonesia, with the title Nyi Roro Kidul, which is very well known in Indonesia. If in the Philippines there is Lapu-Lapu, in Korea there is Yi Sun Shin, just as in Indonesia there is a hero named Kadita.

Kadita has the ability to control water and use a weapon in the form of a spear, very agile with enormous damage. How is Kadita's story? let's look at the following story.

Once upon a time there was a princess from the Kingdom of Java, Indonesia who was very beautiful and talented named Kadita. Kadita is the king's son who was obtained from his marriage to a woman on a mountain in the middle of the forest, but the king's wife never wanted to be brought to the kingdom.

Until one day the King asked Kadita for permission to remarry. Kadita also allowed until finally Kadita has a half-brother. As an heir to the King, many family members are jealous of him including his half-sisters, and then plan to overthrow Kadita by using a witch to curse the princess.

Then, Kadita was attacked with black magic so that her body was itchy and her face turned ugly. Everything the King did to heal Kadita, but all in vain. As time goes by, admiration for Kadita is fading, everyone begins to hate her and accuse her of being a cursed witch because of her appearance.

Kadita was forcibly expelled from the kingdom so that she was forced to jump into the sea from a very high cliff. But Kadita was apparently saved by a sea demon, using the Trident of the Seas weapon, the demon broke the curse that was on Kadita.

Since then, Kadita has become the legendary queen of the South Seas and the ruler of the Sea Kingdom.

How about this one Kadita story? Cool isn't it. Yep, Kadita herself is one of the heroes taken from the story of Nyi Roro Kidul, and then Moonton took the character and then put it in the Mobile Legends game.

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