Eva Celia as Dara - The Golden Cane Warrior - Movie 2014

The Golden Cane Warrior tells the story of four swordsmen who become his teacher's students named Cempaka (Christine Hakim) as well as his adoptive mother. The four warriors consist of Biru (Reza Rahardian), Gerhana (Tara Basro), Dara (Eva Celia), and the smallest Wind (Aria Kusumah).

Once, Cempaka invited his students to gather after sending Biru and Gerhana' to witness a martial arts event. Because Cempaka's age is getting old, the golden stick and its 'circling the earth technique' stance must be passed on to the right person. Finally the golden cane was passed on to his student, Dara.

Feelings of jealousy began to grow on Biru and Gerhana because Biru felt he was the most deserving of the golden scepter. Then Cempaka invited Dara and Angin to go to a faraway place for a few days to hone the earth circular technique. It got into a fight because Biru and Gerhana tried to grab the golden cane in Dara's hand when they were traveling with Cempaka and Angin.

The fight also made Cempaka die. Dara managed to escape with the stick. But in the end Blue got the stick. Dara then meets Elang (Nicholas Saputra) who turns out to be the son of Cempaka and the White Dragon (Darius Sinathrya).

Elang is the last swordsman to inherit the earth-circling stance, so he sincerely teaches this move to Dara before fighting Biru and Eclipse. Dara is determined to take revenge against Biru and Gerhana. After Dara and Elang practice the 'circle the earth' stance because in fact these moves can only be done in pairs. They went to the Biru and Gerhana colleges to fight and take over the golden cane.

This film is successful in presenting how beautiful the selection of film locations is in the Sumba area, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. And the stick magic duel fight scene is quite captivating as well as the storyline with twists that are not easily predictable. You can watch the Golden Stick Swordsman officially through Netflix.

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