Siauw Lionglie - Legend of The Condor Heroes - TV Series

In most kung fu stories, there are several Love Stories that are still imprinted on the minds of readers and viewers, namely Yang Guo or better known as Yo Ko in Hokian.

Love Story between Yo Ko and Siauw Lionglie, his teacher who is much older but beautiful and youthful. Yo Ko is one of the most loved warriors by silat fans around the world.

Yo Ko is the main character in the story The Return of the Eagle Archer Sword (Sin Tiauw Hiap Lu), by Chin Yung who is very famous. As a fan of Chin Yung Novels, I found something interesting about the stories.

Most of these warriors go through a life process from being ignorant of martial arts to becoming super powerful. Sometimes warriors also need to experience many tragic events to form martial arts and characters like Yo Ko. In this story there are many scenes and dramas that are truly emotional and moving.

Yoko, a criminal child who has a rebellious character, is tough, dashing, smart and likes interesting things. Finally he meets Siauw Liong Lie (Aunt Lung) who is patient, gentle, compassionate, simple, and likes to be alone.

The love between them met many obstacles and great storms but love united them. The inner conflict between them was impressive. This process is accompanied by defeat, injury, pain, struggle. But experience is a valuable lesson to build life.

The saying goes: "A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step" (Lao Tze). When Yoko's Love Story was made into a film, there was one scene that was said to be the most moving scene of all time. That is when Yo Ko (played by Andy Lau) tries to catch the sun that is sinking on the western horizon.

At that time Yo Ko chased the sun because he was not willing to turn day into night. Because that afternoon was supposed to be the day they met after 16 years apart. Yo Ko didn't want day to turn into night because of his lover, Siauw Lionglie, who promised to come but never showed up.

Aunt Lung's cast of TV series from the past: 1. Ann Lee, 2. Idy Chan, 3. Carman Lee, 4. Fann Wong, 5. Jacklyn Wu, 6. Crystal Liu, 7. Michelle Chen. Here's a snippet of the cast:

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