Sri Asih - Pevita Pearce - Indonesian Super Hero Movie

Sri Asih is the first female superhero film in Indonesia, released in early October 2022. This film is directed by Upi in collaboration with Joko Anwar. In addition to the director, Upi also took part in scriptwriting.

This film is an adaptation of the comic series 'Sri Asih' by R. A. Kosasih. Top Indonesian actors and actresses also take part in this film, including: Pevita Pearce, Reza Rahadian, Christine Hakim, Jefri Nichol, Dimas Anggara, and Surya Saputra. Produced by Screenplay Bumilangit, SK Global, Legacy Pictures, DMMX Media, and Adhya Group.


Sri Asih will first tell about Alana's early life. Alana, grew up to be a beautiful and kind-hearted girl. Unfortunately, he felt there was something strange about him. Alana often feels confused because she is always filled with anger.

In fact, sometimes she finds it difficult to control his anger. Even so, because she doesn't want to harm those around him, she always tries to fight his anger.Before Alana grew up to be an adult girl, she had a pretty sad past. How not, Alana's birth coincided with the event of a volcanic eruption.

As a result of that disaster, Alana had to accept the harsh reality of being separated from her biological parents. However, fate favored Alana. She was later adopted by a rich woman. The woman also helps Alana to be able to live a normal life like other children her age. As time goes by and Alana has grown up, she then finds out her true identity.

Incarnation of the Goddess of Heaven, Sri Asih

Sri Asih will then tell about Alana's new life after she finds out who she really is. Turns out, Alana is not an ordinary human. Instead, he has super abilities. However, this ability has two implications for human life. If Alana is able to control her anger, she will bring good. Vice versa, if Alana is not able to control her anger, then she will only bring badness.

Alana is none other than the incarnation of a goddess of heaven named Sri Asih. Sri Asih is described as a goddess who has super powers and is very strong.In fact, he was able to fight 250 adult men alone. Seeing that she has super powers, Alana decides to use them for good and justice.

He then always helps people who are weak or in trouble. People are also very grateful to the figure of Sri Asih who is in Alana's body.

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