The Female Samurai of Ichi : Blind Girl The Incarnation of a Samurai Expert

Ichi - This Japanese film directed by Fumiko Sori is based on the television series in Japan, Zatoichi. The difference is in the main character. In the television version, the figure of the samurai is a man. But in this film, the director replaces the role of the samurai with a blind girl busker called goze.

The main focus of this film is Ichi (Haruka Ayase), a blind girl who carries a shamisen (traditional Japanese musical instrument) and a walking stick everywhere. Ichi wanders around looking for a male figure who has cared for her since she was little. Many people, especially boys, try to prank Ichi, just because this pretty girl is blind. But make no mistake, With a sword hidden behind her walking stick, Ichi tried to defend himself.

On his way, Ichi meets Toma Fujihira (Takao Osawa), a wannabe samurai. Finally they arrived at a village led by the Shirakawa yakuza family. Toraji Shirakawa (YĆ“suke Kubozuka), recruits Toma as a village guard because he thinks that Toma is a person who is fighting Banki's men (Shido Nakamura), a troublesome gangster in the village.

Ichi doesn't want to have to live in the village. Especially after knowing that Banki might know the man she's looking for. Ichi also decides to face Banki and his men. Will Ichi be able to meet someone from his past? Will Toma be able to protect the village from Banki's threats?


This movie is really fun! We will be amazed by Ichi's prowess with his sword. Blood is so spit in this film. But it's not scary really. There is a funny side to seeing the figure of Toma who is not confident with his samurai sword.

As in general, samurai sword martial arts, there is minimal artistic movement in playing the sword, but relies on speed and accuracy of direction to determine whose sword can overtake the opponent. That's why a sword or katana looks so fast and brutal, often being able to cut off a hand or even a neck because of its speed and sharpness.

Video : Best Movies Samurai Girl : The Female Samurai of Ichi

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