Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy - The Strongest Innocent Woman Men's Dream

Tifa Lockhart, one of the main female characters in Final Fantasy VII who is said to be Cloud Strife's best friend since childhood.

Tifa is the first child of three siblings and was born in Nibelheim, who is known to have a shy nature. Even so, Tifa has many friends because of her gentleness and willingness to sacrifice for others. She is also known as a brave girl who has strong determination.

Tifa's childhood can be said to be far from happy. The reason is, Tifa's mother died when she was eight years old. Tifa, who felt sad and confused, was sure that her mother had gone to Mount Nibel. Tifa also believed that she would be able to meet her mother again if she managed to cross the mountain.

Tifa went to Mount Nibel with her three friends, but her three friends were afraid and decided to go home and leave her alone. Tifa, who intends to meet her mother again, continues her journey.

While crossing the suspension bridge, Tifa slipped and fell into a ravine. Even Cloud, who was following her, couldn't save Tifa. As a result, Tifa fell into a coma for one week. This incident also made Tifa's father blame Cloud because he was considered the cause of his son's fall.

As a companion character in Final Fantasy, Tifa is considered suitable to be the lover of the main character, namely Cloud. You see, they have known each other and been friends since childhood.

At the age of 14, Cloud left his hometown to go to Midgar to join SOLDIER. This is where the seeds of love begin to appear between the two. He also said goodbye to Tifa and promised to continue to protect her when he became a SOLDIER.

Even though they weren't that close, Tifa felt a deep longing. Likewise with Cloud who is believed to be a SOLDIER to impress his best friend. Fans are sure that both of them have a "feel" for one another.

Interestingly, this story of unrequited love is actually represented by Tifa's last name, namely "Lockhart" which can be spoofed as "lock heart". The thing is, even though they finally met again, the two of them still didn't reveal their feelings. Especially Tifa who seemed to keep "locking" her heart to let Aerith enter Cloud's heart.

Even though it wasn't stated exactly, it was clear that Tifa was inspired by one of the jobs in RPG games in general, namely Monk. This can be seen from Tifa's bare-handed fighting style.

In addition, Tifa is ambidextrous or able to use both hands at the same time. If you pay attention, Tifa can fight in orthodox and left-handed positions which are related to the position of the dominant foot and hand used in a fight.

This can be clearly seen in Dissidia 012. Considering that this is a fighting game, Tifa can perform a series of movements with her bare hands. These actions show that Tifa is ambidextrous which is a useful skill for a hand-to-hand fighter.

Final Fantasy VII has gone through many drafts before its release. Initially, only three characters were planned to be the main protagonists, namely Cloud, Aerith, and Barret. However, the plan for Aerith's death forced the development team to include one more character to fill the void.

Therefore, Tifa was present as the fourth member of the party. Even though he was only a backup at first, his presence has become a special color for the love triangle between Cloud and Aerith. This also makes it difficult for fans to determine who is more compatible with Cloud.

As one of the characters who has won the hearts of fans of the Final Fantasy game, Tifa often appears in other games made by Square Enix. Interestingly, in these several appearances, Tifa was often seen changing her appearance. This also gives the impression that he is a very fashionable character.

Appearing for the first time in Final Fantasy VII, Tifa is shown with long black-brown hair tied at the ends. He also has brown eyes and wears a white tank-top, a miniskirt with black suspenders, red boots and gloves.

In the remake version, Tifa also appears in clothes that are guaranteed to make boys "hot" when she wears a dress and kimono. This also made her look more graceful than the usual sporty look of Tifa.

Tetsuya Nomura as the creator of the Final Fantasy character and the designer team had to make a few adjustments to Tifa's chest size. This is because the remake version wants to adapt its content to a wider audience and is more friendly to children.

Video : Cosplay Tifa Lockhart on Instagram @meihsin.vai

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