10 Highlights of Hinata Hyuga's Life Story - Naruto: Shippuden

Hinata Hyuga is one of Naruto's favorite characters who is known to be shy and gentle. There are many interesting facts about Hinata in Naruto that might not stand out so much compared to her personality and family origins.

Hinata isn't the main character in Naruto, where maybe not as much screen time in the anime as Sasuke or Sakura, but Hinata is one of the most important characters in Naruto, especially in her role as the successor to the Uzumaki family.

Here are 10 Highlights of Hinata Hyuga's Life Story  :

1. Introduction to Naruto

At first, fans thought that Hinata had known Naruto since she was at the academy, even though she actually knew Naruto further than that. Hinata knew Naruto when they were very little when Hinata was out on the street and bullied by other kids. Naruto appeared to try to protect Hinata but unfortunately he was beaten.

Even though he was battered, Naruto still managed to smile and immediately said goodbye to Hinata. Since then, it seems that Hinata fell in love with Naruto and always secretly watched him train.

2. Should be the future leader of the Hyuga Clan, but was replaced by his younger brother

Hinata is the first child of the leader of the Hyuga Clan, Hiashi, which means that one day Hinata must also become the leader of the clan. Even though she should have been born like that, Hinata seems less strong and competent to protect the Hyuga clan than her younger sister, Hanabi.

Hiashi finally assigns Hanabi to train to become the next leader of the Hyuga Clan to replace her older sister. Hinata wasn't sad but instead happy because she could interact and spend more time with Naruto.

3. Not Passing Jonin

Hinata was considered to be one of the strongest shinobi in her era, just like Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. He also has powerful jutsu techniques innate to the Hyuga Clan which are very secret and also deadly. However, Hinata seems to have never graduated from high school so she is an official Jonin in Konoha.

Hinata is one of the Naruto characters who also just graduated from Chunin, just like Naruto too. What's more, Hinata, who hasn't been an active ninja since she married Naruto, seems to confirm that Hinata has never graduated from becoming a Jonin.

4. Hobby

Hinata actually has a hobby that is rarely seen in Naruto. Hinata's hobbies include knitting as we saw in The Last Naruto The Movie, and it turns out that Hinata also likes eating Cinnamon Rolls.

Hinata's other wish is that she wants to be able to compete with Neji again, which we know won't be possible anymore, and Hinata also wants to duel against her father, but she doesn't know when because she's busy being a mother now.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki: The Divine Matriarch of Power and Intrigue

5. Almost married Neji

The Hyuga clan has a custom of marrying each other's cousins to maintain the purity of the Hyuga lineage. Hinata has an older cousin, Neji, who is the son of Hizashi, his younger brother, Hiashi Hyuga.
As a rule, Neji and Hinata would have to get married when they grew up, but unfortunately Neji died in the fourth ninja world war. It's sad, but at least Hinata can marry someone she really loves since she was little, Naruto Uzumaki.

6. Almost Killed by Pain

When Konoha was completely attacked by Pain, Hinata saw that Naruto was trying to fight Pain alone because almost everyone in Konoha died. Hinata, who didn't want to see her lover being tortured and in pain, immediately chose to fight against Pain.

Naruto had already forbade Hinata from recklessly fighting Pain because he was very dangerous, but Hinata still wanted to fight Pain and even confessed her love for Naruto. Hinata fought with all her might but still managed to be paralyzed by Pain and luckily Naruto saved her after she managed to escape from the trap.

7. Flow of Fire and Lightning Jutsu

Hinata is a user of the Fire and Lightning Flow Jutsu in Naruto that you may not have seen yourself. Indeed, Hinata rarely saw her jutsu skills in battle because she mostly used the Hyuga Clan's mainstay fighting technique, Tenketsu.

There were a few moments when Hinata used her Fire Flow Jutsu to increase her fighting power, but these were very minor and don't even appear at all in the Boruto series.

8. Almost Caused War

As a child, Hinata was almost kidnapped by shinobi from Kumogakure right at the Hyuga shrine. Fortunately, Hiashi knew that his son was almost kidnapped and directly killed the kidnapper on the spot with his deadly jutsu.

Unfortunately, the death of this Kumogakure shinobi was used as an excuse to start a war between Konoha and Kumogakure. There is one condition so that war can be prevented, namely by surrendering a member of the Hyuga Clan. Hizashi offered himself to be the victim in order to protect the secrets of the Hyuga Clan and prevent a major war.

9. Getting Stronger

Even though she was replaced by her younger sister, it turns out that Hinata never stopped practicing so that she would get stronger as time went on. Hinata might at first still be beaten by Hanabi who is more aggressive and not as gentle as Hinata.

However, Hanabi, who is considered a member of the Hyuga clan, admits that her sister who attacks her is very different from before and can even defeat her in a short time. Unfortunately, the development of Hinata's abilities has not been shown since Naruto: The Last Naruto The Movie and in Boruto.

10. Almost married Toneri

The most unique interesting fact about Hinata is that she has become the target of many men, one of which is Toneri, who is a descendant of the Otsutsuki on the moon. Toneri kidnaps Hanabi for his eyes in an attempt to revive a dangerous giant weapon.

Hinata also made Toneri's future wife to live together on the moon. Fortunately, all of these marriages failed because Naruto appeared with his best friend, Kurama, to fight Toneri all out.

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