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Xin Qiji 1162 (Fighting For The Motherland) is a Chinese film released in 2019. The story is set in 1162 during the Southern Song Dynasty when the Jurchen nation invaded and occupied the Song capital.

The film tells the story of a hero named Xin Qiji who fights against the invaders and reminds the people to stay strong. It depicts the struggle of the Chinese people to defend their country and also to inspire their people to fight with spirit.

The main characters in the film are Xin Qiji (played by Zhang Hanyu), Liu Yuxin (played by Lin Chi-ling), Wang Chongyang (played by Wu Gang), and Song Jiang (played by Wang Xueqi).

The main female role is Liu Yuxin (played by Lin Chi-ling). She is a military leader who fights against the invaders and is also very kind and Xin Qiji's lover. Her role in the film is to support Xin Qiji in his fight and to inspire the people to fight with spirit.


Liu Yuxin is a beautiful and graceful woman. She has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her face radiates calmness and firmness. Her body is slim and proportionate, and she usually wears traditional clothing that reflects grace and purity. She is an ideal example of a beautiful, brave, and strong Chinese woman.

Liu Yuxin is known as a great soldier who is able to think quickly and use his sword accurately. He is also able to analyze the enemy quickly and identify their weaknesses. He is also highly skilled in using military strategy and battle tactics. Liu Yuxin is known for his extraordinary fighting abilities. He is able to defeat many enemies with just one sword. He is also able to use strategies to defeat the enemy. In the movie, Liu Yuxin helped his army win many battles.

Video : Xin Qiji 1162 | Chinese Historical War Action film, Full Movie HD

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