Layla: The Elegant and Lethal Marksman in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a popular game featuring a variety of fascinating characters. One standout character is Layla, a Marksman known for her beauty and prowess in battles. In this article, we will discuss Layla's origins, appearance, skills and abilities, strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide effective usage recommendations in Mobile Legends. Let's dive in!

Layla's Origins

Layla is a princess who resides in the Land of Dawn. She grew up amidst the war between two opposing kingdoms, Moniyan and Zilong. Despite being born into a royal family, Layla is renowned for her courage and fighting spirit. She believes that true strength does not solely rely on social status, but rather on one's determination and willingness to fight against injustice.

Layla's Appearance

Layla possesses a stunning appearance. She has long, flowing blue hair cascading around her shoulders. She adorns herself in ancient-inspired battle attire, with bowstrings coiling around her body. In her hands, she wields a bow, symbolizing her expertise in long-range attacks. Layla's grace and visual charm make her one of the most popular characters among Mobile Legends players.

Layla's Skills and Abilities

Layla possesses a set of skills that enable her to be a highly lethal Marksman in battles. Here is an explanation of Layla's abilities and skills:

Passive Skill - Malefic Gun: This skill grants additional physical attack damage to Layla's basic attacks. Moreover, when Layla is within a certain range of her enemies, she also inflicts additional critical damage, dealing significant damage.

Skill 1 - Malefic Bomb: Layla throws an energy ball towards enemies, causing area damage around them. This skill is highly effective in clearing minions and combating multiple enemies.

Skill 2 - Void Projectile: Layla shoots a projectile towards enemies, slowing their movement and inflicting significant damage. This skill is useful when facing enemies attempting to escape or in one-on-one combat situations.

Ultimate Skill - Destruction Rush: This is Layla's main skill, allowing her to unleash a barrage of deadly arrows upon enemies. The attack is incredibly powerful and can deal damage to a large number of enemies. Layla's Ultimate Skill possesses a considerable range, enabling her to target enemies from a safe distance.

Layla's Strengths

Layla possesses several strengths that make her a good choice to play in Mobile Legends. Here are some of Layla's strengths:

Long-range Attack Range: One of Layla's greatest strengths is her exceptional attack range. She can attack enemies from a safe distance without being subjected to counterattacks. This allows her to inflict significant damage without needing to get too close to the enemy.

High Damage Output: In terms of damage, Layla ranks among the top Marksman in Mobile Legends. Her attacks can cause substantial damage to enemies, especially when used wisely and in combination with the right skills.

Excellent Wave Clearing Ability: Layla possesses the ability to quickly clear waves of minions. This provides an advantage to her team in controlling areas and maintaining pressure on the main lanes.

Layla's Weaknesses

However, like any other character, Layla also has some weaknesses to consider when playing her. Here are a few weaknesses of Layla:

Vulnerability to Close-range Attacks: Layla's strength lies in her long-range attacks, making her vulnerable to close-range attacks from enemies who can quickly get close to her. Characters such as Assassins or Fighters with gap-closing abilities can easily engage and attack Layla if not properly guarded by her team.

Limited Mobility: Layla has limited mobility as she lacks skills or abilities that allow her to escape dangerous situations quickly. If she gets caught in traps or is surrounded by enemies, she will struggle to escape or survive.

Recommendations for Using Layla

To effectively use Layla in battles, here are some recommendations to consider:

Maintain Distance: Utilize Layla's attack range by keeping a safe distance from enemies. Avoid getting too close to the frontlines, especially if the enemy possesses gap-closing abilities that can swiftly engage Layla.

Protect Layla: Coordinate with your team to protect Layla from enemy attacks. Ensure there is a tank or hero with protective abilities to help keep Layla safe during battles.

Utilize Skills Wisely: Understand Layla's abilities and skills, and use them wisely. The Malefic Bomb skill can assist in clearing minions and combating groups of enemies, while Void Projectile can be used to slow down enemies attempting to escape.

Focus on Attack-oriented Items: When building items for Layla, prioritize those that enhance physical attack and attack speed. This will amplify her attack power and make her more effective in dealing significant damage.


Layla is an elegant and lethal Marksman in Mobile Legends. With her long-range attack range, high damage output, and excellent wave clearing ability, Layla is a popular choice in teams. However, she is vulnerable to close-range attacks and possesses limited mobility. By utilizing the recommended usage tips and maximizing the strengths of this character, you can optimize Layla's potential in battles.

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