Nazuna Nonomura: The Unconventional Heroine of "Call of the Night"

Anime has been popular for a long time, and each anime has its unique set of characters. "Call of the Night" is a new anime series that has recently gained a lot of popularity. One of the main characters in the anime is Nazuna Nonomura, the heroine of the story. Nazuna is an unusual character that has a strong impact on the show. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the character of Nazuna Nonomura and explore why she is the unconventional heroine of "Call of the Night."

Early Life and Characteristics

Nazuna Nonomura is a teenage girl who lives with her mother. She is an introverted character and spends most of her time alone. Nazuna's mother works during the day, which gives Nazuna time to herself. She is interested in doing things that most people find unusual, such as going for a walk at night. Nazuna's love for the night -time can be seen in her character design, which is dressed in a nightgown. Nazuna is also a curious character and is fascinated by things that are out of the ordinary.

Nazuna's Friendship with Koyuki

Nazuna meets Koyuki, a vampire, one night when she is out for a walk. Koyuki is looking for a blood source to satisfy his thirst. Nazuna is not afraid of Koyuki, and she offers to help him find a blood source that does not involve hurting anyone. This act of kindness forms a bond between Nazuna and Koyuki. Nazuna is willing to help Koyuki in any way she can, even if it means going out of her comfort zone.

Nazuna's Feelings for Koyuki

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Nazuna has developed romantic feelings for Koyuki. This is unusual as Koyuki is a vampire, and their relationship would be considered taboo by most people. However, Nazuna is not a conventional character, and her feelings for Koyuki are genuine. Nazuna's feelings for Koyuki create tension in the show, and the viewer is left wondering what will happen to their relationship.

Nazuna's Empathy and Caring Nature

Nazuna is a very empathetic character, and she cares about the people around her. She is willing to go out of her way to help others, even if it means putting herself in danger. This is evident in her relationship with Koyuki, where she is willing to help him even though he is a vampire. Nazuna is also very caring towards her mother, and she does her best to make her mother's life easier. Her caring nature is one of her most admirable traits and makes her a likable character.

Nazuna's Loyalty to Koyuki

Nazuna's loyalty to Koyuki is unwavering. She is always there for him, and she is willing to help him in any way she can. This is evident in the show, where she helps Koyuki find a blood source and helps him deal with the challenges of being a vampire. Nazuna's loyalty to Koyuki creates a strong bond between the two characters, and it is one of the highlights of the show.

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Nazuna's Growth as a Character

Throughout the show, Nazuna goes through significant character development. She starts off as a shy and introverted character, but she becomes more confident as the show progresses. Her relationship with Koyuki helps her grow as a person, and she becomes more open to new experiences. Nazuna's growth as a character is one of the most significant aspects of the show, and it makes her a relatable character to the audience.

Nazuna's Role in the Story

Nazuna plays a significant role in the story of "Call of the Night." She is the character that brings Koyuki, a vampire, into the world of humans. Nazuna's kindness and empathy towards Koyuki make him realize that not all humans are the same, and he can coexist with them without harming them. Nazuna's role in the story is not just to support Koyuki but to also challenge the viewer's perception of vampires. Nazuna's relationship with Koyuki shows that there can be a peaceful coexistence between vampires and humans.

Nazuna's Character Design

Nazuna's character design is unique and reflects her love for the night-time. She is often seen wearing a nightgown, which is unusual for a teenage girl. The nightgown is not just a part of her character design, but it is also a reflection of her personality. Nazuna is not afraid to be different, and she embraces her quirks. The nightgown is a visual representation of her love for the night-time, and it adds to her character's depth.

Nazuna's Voice Acting

Nazuna is voiced by Yui Ishikawa, who is a well-known voice actress in the anime industry. Ishikawa's performance as Nazuna is exceptional, and she brings the character to life. Her voice acting captures the essence of Nazuna's character, and she portrays her emotions with depth and nuance. Ishikawa's performance adds to the overall quality of the show and makes Nazuna a memorable character.


Nazuna Nonomura is an unconventional heroine in the world of anime. Her love for the night-time, her empathy and caring nature, her loyalty to Koyuki, and her unique character design make her a likable character. Nazuna's growth as a character throughout the show makes her relatable to the audience. Her relationship with Koyuki challenges the viewer's perception of vampires and shows that there can be a peaceful coexistence between vampires and humans. Overall, Nazuna is a character that adds depth to "Call of the Night" and makes the show an enjoyable watch.

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