Valkyrie: The Powerful Goddess of War in Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok is a popular manga and anime series that portrays an epic battle between humans and gods. In this series, Valkyrie is a prominent character who plays a crucial role in the survival of humankind. She is a goddess of war who gathers the best warriors from throughout human history to fight against the gods in the Ragnarok tournament. Her strength, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to humanity make her a fascinating character. In this article, we will explore Valkyrie's character, her backstory, her role in the Ragnarok tournament, and her significance in the series.

The Character of Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a goddess of war who is the primary mediator between the gods and humans in the Ragnarok tournament. She is depicted as a young woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and an imposing figure. She is often seen wearing armor and wielding a spear, emphasizing her role as a warrior goddess. Despite her power and strength, Valkyrie is also compassionate and caring towards humanity, which is reflected in her actions throughout the series.

The Backstory of Valkyrie

According to Norse mythology, Valkyries were female spirits who decided which warriors lived or died in battle. In Record of Ragnarok, Valkyrie is portrayed as the leader of the Valkyries, who chose to side with humanity when the gods decided to end the world. She is depicted as a figure who is torn between her loyalty to the gods and her compassion for humans. This inner conflict is a significant aspect of her character, which is explored throughout the series.

Valkyrie's Role in the Ragnarok Tournament

As the mediator between the gods and humans, Valkyrie is responsible for selecting the thirteen warriors who will fight in the Ragnarok tournament. She chooses the warriors based on their exceptional combat skills and their significant contributions to human history. Valkyrie also sets the rules for the tournament and ensures that the battles are fair and impartial.

During the tournament, Valkyrie serves as a judge and oversees the battles between the humans and the gods. She is a neutral figure who ensures that the fights are fought with honor and respect. Valkyrie is also responsible for the well-being of the warriors and provides them with support and encouragement during the battles.

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Valkyrie's Significance in the Series

Valkyrie's character plays a significant role in the series, not only as the mediator between the gods and humans but also as a symbol of hope for humanity. Her unwavering commitment to humanity and her compassion towards the warriors make her a relatable and endearing character. She represents the idea that even in the face of overwhelming adversity, there is always a chance for redemption and survival.

Moreover, Valkyrie's character adds a layer of complexity to the series by highlighting the inner conflict between loyalty and compassion. Her struggle to choose between the gods and humans, and her eventual decision to side with humanity, adds depth to her character and gives the story an emotional resonance.


Valkyrie is a powerful and fascinating character in the Record of Ragnarok series. As a goddess of war and mediator between the gods and humans, she plays a crucial role in the survival of humanity. Her strength, wisdom, and compassion make her a compelling character, and her inner conflict adds an emotional resonance to the story. Valkyrie's character represents the hope and resilience of humanity, even in the face of overwhelming adversity. 

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