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My name is Meihsin Vai (not my real name), I am an Indonesian citizen who likes stories about the world of martial arts. Whether from history, comics, novels, movies, games, anime, donghua, or anywhere else.

The name Meihsin I took from the story of a female warrior who came from Indonesia at the time of the founding of the Majapahit Kingdom around the 12th century to the 13th century.

However, Meihsin herself is a fictional character who was inserted by the storyteller S. Tidjab in his radio play script in Indonesia which is set in the history of the establishment of the Majapahit Kingdom entitled Tutur Tinular. Meihsin is actually a Chinese woman from the Han tribe who lived under the rule of the Mongols or the Yuan Dynasty.

Meihsin's character is very beautiful, soft-hearted, as well as a warrior who is difficult to match, besides being loyal and willing to sacrifice for others, even though the land where she lives is not her homeland. That's what makes the writer really admire the figure of Meihsin, and make her an idol.

In this blog, Meihsin wants to introduce readers to various stories about female martial arts warriors in all countries and backgrounds. Hopefully the readers will be entertained by Mehsin's writings on this blog.

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